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Sadly only one scene with Juno but yet, looking good 🙂

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Television > (2016) VINYL > Episodes Screencaps > Episode 6

She played a child in Atonement, a rebel in St Trinian’s – and has now finally come of age in Martin Scorsese’s Vinyl. She talks about famous friends, on-screen nudity and being a ‘quirky weirdo’

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Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 008 for The Guardian



Juno Temple sits down in a Los Angeles coffee shop, a bundle of energy in a comfy tracksuit, headphones around her neck and waves of blond hair piled on her head like a pineapple. She orders an almond milk latte, and apologises in advance for any strange scratching that may occur, because she was bitten by mosquitoes during the night. “And there’s one bite on my back that is so bad, I had to scratch it with a fork to reach it. I was really getting my Baloo the bear on.” A fork? “Well, a plastic one – I wasn’t aiming for actual bloodshed. I once used a fork to comb my hair,” Temple says, “because there was a time when I didn’t own a hairbrush. I can’t remember what film I was shooting, but I was staying in a hotel in London – and the fork worked! I felt like Ariel,” she adds, wistfully, meaning the Disney mermaid. “God,” she says, seeing my fascination at these cutlery improv situations, “you’re never going to let me live forks down, are you?”
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Juno Temple was never going to be cast as the high school sweetheart, but as the star of HBO’s new drama, Vinyl, she’s got something much more exciting up her sleeve…

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Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 005 for ID Magazine
If New York City needs a new tourism ambassador to replace Taylor Swift, then the Big Apple should look to Juno Temple. The 26-year-old actress may be London-born, Somerset-bred and a resident of Los Angeles but since spending six months filming in New York she has fallen for the city, hard. It’s not that Juno’s tired of the West coast, just that the East offers something different. “Los Angeles is all about the entertainment industry,” she explains. “Not that that’s a bad thing, I’ve been here seven years and have had a great time. But I really felt in New York that it’s such a minestrone soup of different people and backgrounds and ideas and jobs. I found it very thrilling to walk into a bar and find it not just full of people from the entertainment industry.”
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Films > (2015) Len and Company > Trailer #1

Also according to this, Len and Company will premiere June 2016.

Added Episode 5 screencaps to the gallery!

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Television > (2016) VINYL > Episodes Screencaps > Episode 5

Hey everyone! Over the last few days i’ve been adding random pictures over Juno’s gallery and I will keep adding more on the next few days! Enjoy:

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Juno Temple is part of V Magazine new issue with the letter ‘T’ on their new ‘Alphabet’ featurette:

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Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 007 for V Magazine

Magazine Scan > 2016 > V 100 Issue

Looks like Juno appearances on Vinyl Episode 4 were mostly Juno’s character in rush and a lot of hair movement! haha Enjoy:

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Television > (2016) VINYL > Episodes Screencaps > Episode 4

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Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 006 for Film Independent Spirit Awards