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More pictures added to the gallery today!



Out & About

More photos added to the gallery 🙂



Public Appearances


Films > (2015) Safelight > Trailer

Hi Juno Temple career followers!! My name is Ana and i’ve joined Tamica on this awesome Juno Temple fansite. I own a Vanessa Kirby fansite as well as a Holliday Grainger fansite. I’ve been updating the gallery with A LOT of pictures, which I’ll be updating. Also new themes are also up! The Photoshoot part is done, as well as the Magazine Scans. Appearances and Films/ TV will be next 🙂

Studio Photoshoots


Magazine Scan

I have add 17 HQ from the ”Horns” Premiere, ArcLight Hollywood to the gallery.

I have add 8 Hq photos from the ”Sin City A Dame to Kill For” Premiere.

I have add 41 HQ photos from the ”Maleficent” Premiere, El Capitan Theater, Hollywood to the gallery.