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Juno was seen leaving The Bowery Hotel yesterday:

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Out & About > 2016 > June 13, 2016 – Leaving The Bowery Hotel

Yesterday Juno was seen leaving LouLou’s Restaurant, for a Dior after party:

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Out & About > 2016 > May 31, 2016 – Leaving LouLou’s in London

Updated Session 009 from 2016 from Moves Magazine with HQ versions and two new outtakes

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Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 009 for Moves NY

The Love Magazine included Juno on LOVE Club x Itchy Scratchy Patchy T shirt:


Miscellaneous > Others

Also, on May 3rd Juno was seen leaving LAX in LA:

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Out & About > 2016 > May 05, 2016 – In LAX, LA

Juno was seen out and about in NY again:

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Out & About > 2016 > April 06, 2016 – In NY

On April 1st Juno was seen walking around NY going to Smile Restaurant:

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Out & About > 2016 > April 01, 2016 – Going to Smile restaurant in NY

Juno was seen leaving The Bowery Hotel in NY City. Seems like she isn’t filming The Most Hated Woman in America in LA anymore, or they moved the filming to NY.

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Out & About > 2016 > March 31, 2016 – Leaving The Bowery Hotel in New York City

Juno was caught by the paparazzi having a stroll in LA and California:

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Out & About > 2016 > February, 13 2016 – in Los Angeles

Out & About > 2016 > February, 17 2016 – in Beverly Hills, California