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As we have previously reported, an artistic photography collection called ‘The Endings‘ has been made by authors Caitlin Cronenberg and Jessica Ennis. This book features well-known, mostly (?) British actresses in situations, where they portray women in the aftermath of breaking up their relationships. The book has been available since this Tuesday. So far one small (already been uploaded) and one big picture has been released from the Juno-shoot, but soon all the others will be added, because I have ordered my copy.

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For the release, one of the authors, Caitlin Cronenberg has been interviewed by The Washington Post, here is an exert from it:

How long were you able to spend with each actress?

Caitlin Cronenberg: Generally, a real six- to eight-hour day. Juno Temple’s shoot was 17 hours but that was a totally different experience. (…)

What were you doing for 17 hours with Juno Temple?

Caitlin Cronenberg: We knew that we needed daylight and nighttime, and it was summer, so we knew it would be a bit of a long day. We wanted to capture the entire range of this woman having a downward spiral as the result of a breakup. So she was visiting the beds of many men — and women. We went to all these different guys’ apartments in Brooklyn — like real guys, not actors, and we all traveled together as a unit and went from place to place.

Sounds quite interesting, and there are many more good actresses featured in the book, for example, Juno’s ‘Cracks’ costar, Imogen Poots. I’ll report back when my copy arrives.



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