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Juno Temple to be featured on ‘The Wrap’! Here is a interview made by GoldDerby with her wearing the clothes from TheWrap photoshoot which you can see a sneak peak here.

Around 6 weeks ago, Juno Temple posted this picture on instagram saying she was wearing ‘the coolest suit ever’ by @Ateaoceanie and @WendiandNicole, now we can see it on pictures and video thanks to Hollywood Reporter!

001~49.jpg 002~32.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 010 for The Hollywood Reporter

Juno Temple (‘Vinyl’)

Your favorite TV show growing up?
“I loved Saved by the Bell. And SpongeBob SquarePants. Beavis and Butt-Head, too

Screenshot_2016-06-03_18_19_48.png Screenshot_2016-06-03_18_21_16.png Screenshot_2016-06-03_18_27_35.png Screenshot_2016-06-03_18_28_48.png Screenshot_2016-06-03_18_17_35.png Screenshot_2016-06-03_18_16_55.png

Screen Captures > Interviews > 2016 – The Hollywood Reporter – Supporting Actors dramatic reading of ‘Summertime’

Screen Captures > Interviews > 2016 – The Hollywood Reporter – Supporting Actors Decide: Three Emojis to Best Represent Their Show

Screen Captures > Interviews > 2016 – The Hollywood Reporter – Supporting Actors Decide Which Co-Star Would Bail Them Out of Jail

Yesterday Juno was seen leaving LouLou’s Restaurant, for a Dior after party:

001~48.jpg 004~14.jpg 006~8.jpg 012~5.jpg 009~6.jpg 008~8.jpg

Out & About > 2016 > May 31, 2016 – Leaving LouLou’s in London

Juno attended to a new Dior event using a Dior Spring Couture wonderful dress, with a full tattoo top and a dress on top:

5_28329.jpg 1_281229~0.jpg 2_28229~1.jpg 3_28329~0.jpg 5_28129.jpg 4_28229~1.jpg

Public Appearances > 2016 > May 31, 2016 Christian Dior S/S17 Cruise Collection

Also some videos are available from yesterday’s event, like Riley Keough on instagram here and a interview by Instyle:


0_03~2.jpg 0_13~2.jpg 0_37~3.jpg 0_005.jpg 0_089~2.jpg 0_256~3.jpg

Screen Captures > Instagram > By Riley Keough #1

Screen Captures > Appearances > May 31, 2016 Christian Dior S/S17 Cruise Collection — Instyle

Juno attended a DIOR event last night. She also got some cool new sheets with her initials!

001~46.jpg 001~47.jpg 001~47.jpg

Public Appearances > 2016 > May 30, 2016 The Lady Dior Party hosted by DIOR, London, Britain

Juno presented ‘Behind The Groove’ a special featurette from ‘Vinyl’:

0_073~2.jpg 0_078~3.jpg 0_082~3.jpg 0_086~3.jpg 0_120~1.jpg 0_157~0.jpg

Television > (2016) VINYL > Random Screencaps > ‘Behind The Groove’

A second trailer for ‘Len and Company‘ has been released:

0_177~1.jpg 0_182~1.jpg 0_249~1.jpg 0_370~1.jpg 0_374~0.jpg 0_401.jpg

Films > (2015) Len and Company > Trailer #2

Updated Session 009 from 2016 from Moves Magazine with HQ versions and two new outtakes

002-hq~0.jpg 003-hq.jpg 004-hq.jpg 006-hq.jpg 008~7.jpg 009~5.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 009 for Moves NY

The Love Magazine included Juno on LOVE Club x Itchy Scratchy Patchy T shirt:


Miscellaneous > Others

Also, on May 3rd Juno was seen leaving LAX in LA:

1_281129.jpg 1_282629.jpg 1_283629.jpg 1_281629.jpg 1_28529~0.jpg 1_28929~0.jpg

Out & About > 2016 > May 05, 2016 – In LAX, LA

Juno attended MetGala! She wore a beautiful Erdem dress, which is already on out ‘style’ page here.

0_28229~0.jpg 0~7.jpg 1_28629.jpg 2_28629.jpg 3_28729.jpg 3_28429.jpg

Public Appearances > 2016 > May 02, 2016 ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology’ Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art