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We were previously j-temple.net and now we have changed host as our old host (starszz) closed, and got a new domain: junotemple.us ! Be sure to bookmark us 🙂

For Juno news, here is the first Vinyl/ Rock ‘N’ Roll Project (2015)  trailer:

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Television > (2016) VINYL > Trailer #1

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Out & About > 2015 > Working out in NY – 24-07-2015

On the 21st, Juno made 26 years!! Congratulations 🙂

Plus, Juno was on set for HBO Untitled Rock n Roll project:


Out & About > 2015 > On set of HBO Untitled Rock n Roll, 15-07-2015

Hope everyone likes our new theme! Made by the lovely, one and only Margos!

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Films > (2015) Safelight / Truck Stop > Trailer #2


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Films > (2015) Len and Company > Production Stills

  • Tim Godsall /
  • USA, Canada /
  • 2015 /
  • 105 mins

Rhys Ifans, Juno Temple, Jack Kilmer, Keir Gilchrist, Kathryn Hahn / Fiction / English

A withdrawn music producer’s life is disrupted when his son and his protégé both visit unexpectedly.

Gruff, antisocial Len’s peaceful, rural solitude is interrupted when his aspiring musician son, Max, pays him a visit, closely followed by troubled pop star Zoe. As Max, quietly desperate to connect, builds the courage to play his demo to his distant father, Zoe’s own troubles both eclipse and inflame the unspoken issues between them. This is an honest, human portrait of the redemptive power of compassion bolstered by heartfelt, nuanced performances, well- observed humour and understated pathos.

Buy tickets to see the world premiere: 20 June and 22 June here