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Here’s a video and a text-format interview about ‘Lost Transmissions’, which just came out last week. In the video, Juno talks first, until the 04:35 minute mark, then comes Katherine O’Brien, director of the movie. Following the More tag, you can read other thoughts from Ms. Temple regarding this work of hers:

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Here are the screencaps from the second trailer of ‘Lost Transmissions’, plus some amateur photos taken of Juno on March 11th, outside the place that held a premiere screening of the movie in Los Angeles:

007.jpg 004.jpg 019.jpg ES38JvvUMAA05lw.jpg

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Next: Walls of text a.k.a. interviews made at the aforementioned event!

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The second trailer for ‘Lost Transmissions’ has landed:

Also a lucky guy met Juno at the recent premiere of the aforementioned movie:


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Interestingly the second trailer features almost no Alexandra Daddario, and it recieved way less exposure… Screencaps from it + HQ pics from the premiere will be added soon!

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Here are the promised screencaps from the not-long-ago released trailer of ‘Lost Transmissions’, plus a photo from Juno herself about a skin vitalizing product that she recieved from the manufacturer:

88254660_144523707028529_8991257014937270327_n.jpg 003.jpg 027.jpg 034.jpg

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Here’s the first trailer for Juno’s next movie, ‘Lost Transmissions’:

I don’t like the fact that it’s advertised with Alexandra Daddario, despite the fact that she’s obviously just there for the eyecandy value, and doesn’t really serve any purpose real purpose in the story… Screencaps from the video will come soon!

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The next big hit in Juno’s filmography, ‘Little Birds (Series)’ is very close to it’s release, so more and more pictures are surfacing from it. The first two are official promo pics, while the third is from the director’s Instagram:

little_birds_1.jpg ERkF7EIUcAE9ycD.jpg 83872423_136674760922090_601956275001719273_n.jpg

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