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After a long time, here are the screencaps from ‘Maleficent 2’:

035.jpg 015.jpg 049.jpg 069.jpg 092.jpg 099.jpg

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My subjective opinion of these pictures are coming after the More tag:

First of all, the three fairy godmothers have very little screentime, compared to their presence in the first ‘Maleficent’, or to the length of the whole ‘Mistress of Evil’. I don’t understand why they stay in their fairy-forms all the time, despite the fact that they could easily defeat the chamberlain woman in the church if the three of them used their normal, human strength, because it’s simple 3 vs 1. Because of this, Juno herself isn’t even in the film – technically, the CGI character resembles her and speaks with her voice, but it’s not actually her. I have a hunch that the actresses didn’t even had to act for their counterparts either, because these winged women are just reused models from the first movie – this is just my thought, not a fact. Last, but not least, all three fairies are constantly flying or hovering, there’s only two times when they are sitting for a short period, otherwise they are in motion. This means it’s very hard to get a clear screencap, as you can see, most of the time Juno’s green figure is a bit blurry or somewhat obscured. Keep this in mind, while looking at the screencaps, please!

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