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Here are the high quality screencaps from the latest Juno-movie, ‘Palmer’:

012.jpg 029.jpg 050.jpg 060.jpg 075.jpg 083.jpg 106.jpg 128.jpg 138.jpg

Television > (2020) Palmer > HQ Screencaps

A little review will come soon!

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A lot of behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced from the recent mini-series ‘Little Birds’:

146927816_872504660205488_6597853808115080529_n.jpg 145141927_464954311557875_1695559660223950562_n.jpg 147320992_2840649026179019_8732106144839505027_n.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Behind the Scenes

And also here’re two new photos from ‘Palmer’ – screencaps will come very soon!

02145032140_177223597074399_6981848880841921156_n.jpg Esl4F4KXIAM7uxu2.jpg

Television > (2020) Palmer > Behind the Scenes

Television > (2020) Palmer > Promotional Pictures

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‘Palmer’ is out now, the screencaps and the review will come soon, meanwhile here are some BTS-footage from various sources:

144310169_2804867143121830_4840542895553246050_n.jpg 143643213_176860983771275_8684195391777445226_n.jpg 143304653_817407882172497_840685802024749257_n.jpg

Television > (2020) Palmer > Behind the Scenes

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Here’s another ‘Ted Lasso’ interview, and the screencaps from it:

Project_1_031.jpg Project_1_172.jpg Project_1_289.jpg Project_1_074.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > BGN Interview Screencaps

And the aforementioned video to watch:

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There was a one-day-long voting on Twitter and most of the votes came for ‘Ted Lasso’ stuff. So, here’s one of the interviews conducted over the internet, this time by a YouTube-user named kinowetter (credits go to Ana for finding the video):

Brett_Goldstein2C_Juno_Temple___Phil_Dunster_TED_LASSO_Interview_28720p29_028.jpg Brett_Goldstein2C_Juno_Temple___Phil_Dunster_TED_LASSO_Interview_28720p29_110.jpg Brett_Goldstein2C_Juno_Temple___Phil_Dunster_TED_LASSO_Interview_28720p29_147.jpg Brett_Goldstein2C_Juno_Temple___Phil_Dunster_TED_LASSO_Interview_28720p29_261.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > kinowetter Interview Screencaps

Here’s the whole interview, so you can watch it:

More new things will come soon!

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Since ‘Ted Lasso’ has ended, there’s basically a livestream with the cast every week. Here are some little cutouts that we’ve seen on various social media:

136415687_443849393324755_7400741567950589658_n.jpg 135544843_783516599187321_9062599897073413845_n.jpg 137252797_1048352075678358_2574221590057922060_n.jpg 135785552_150769933305007_2123620496845246761_n.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Tiny Screencaps

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