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Updated Session 009 from 2016 from Moves Magazine with HQ versions and two new outtakes

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Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 009 for Moves NY

The Love Magazine included Juno on LOVE Club x Itchy Scratchy Patchy T shirt:


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Also, on May 3rd Juno was seen leaving LAX in LA:

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Out & About > 2016 > May 05, 2016 – In LAX, LA

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Juno attended MetGala! She wore a beautiful Erdem dress, which is already on out ‘style’ page here.

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Public Appearances > 2016 > May 02, 2016 ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology’ Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Added to the gallery the official scans of Moves magazine:

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Magazine Scan > 2016 > MOVES NY April

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Hey everyone! Today, I’ve created a album on the gallery with Juno instagram pics, also a ‘personal pics’ album with pictures that have been released to public from Juno’s private life:

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Last month, Juno was interviewed by HuffPost Entertainment! We now have caps and the video available:

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Screen Captures > Interviews > 2016 – HuffPost Entertainment

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Q: Your father Julien Temple once did a film about the Sex Pistols. Did he give you any insight into the punk rock era as you prepared for your role on “Vinyl”?

A: He’s done a few. He did them about the Clash and Dr. Feelgood, and he was such a huge ’70s punk rocker back in the day, so I asked him a hell of a lot of questions. But also like truly, I’m not joking, I spend my life kind of living in a sort of ’70s universe. … All my vinyl collection is pretty much 1970s records.

Q: What are your favorite bands?

A: I’m a huge Iggy Pop fan. I love Iggy Pop so much. I love the Rolling Stones. I love the Modern Lovers. I love Lou Reed. I love Big Star. I love David Bowie. I love Tom Petty. My brother actually started just getting me into this kind of weird … like late-’60s psychedelic music, like Can, and I’ve been super down with that. And then I like stuff from a little earlier, too. Like I love Howlin’ Wolf and I think it’s so great because you can so hear how he would have inspired the Rolling Stones to make so much of their music. So that’s what I love about music, is that you can really listen to what inspired people of the next generation. You know?

Q: Yes, you can hear the influence of earlier artists in what came later.

A: Yeah, totally. Television – oh, “Marquee Moon” is such a great album. Blondie – yeah, I love the ’70s, man. Because nothing has been better than it, personally. I mean, grunge, I was a big fan of ’90s grunge, too. I’m a big fan of ’90s grunge and some pretty great bands came out in the ’90s and like shoegaze music and stuff like that. I was a big fan of that.


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