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Found this small interview, where Juno talks about her character on ‘Dirty John’, Veronica:

Interestingly, she doesn’t say if she met the real-life Veronica as an inspiration or not. Screencaps from this video and from the episode will come soon, meanwhile, here is my review, beware, it has spoilers and it’s honest too!

Here’s my „review” of the first episode of ’Dirty John’. Two things in advance: I’m a male, and I didn’t listened to the podcast that was the basis for this series.

As you probably already know, this is based on real life events. So here we have our heroine, called Debra (Connie Britton), who’s an incredibly rich interior designer, has been married 4 times, has two daughters (probably from two different fathers) and dresses like she’s half her actual age. The two daugthers are: Veronica (our Juno), who says what’s on her mind, has expensive purses and dresses, and looks like she can attend any of the highest profile parties anywhere in California; plus Terra (Julia Garner), who’s training to become a vet, has a sort-of-boyfriend, and looks like she’s a more down-to-earth, normal girl. The sisters obviously got everything they wanted from their mother all their lives, like we see how Debra just leaves her huge apartment to Veronica, and she’s kinda unable to stand her ground against Terra’s hysteric outburst. They’re obviously a disfunctional family, I’m not sure how much they like each other.

I could not like Debra either. Britton plays very well, but this woman doesn’t have any real redeeming qualities. Veronica is a cool character, Terra didn’t really had any impact on me, but Julia Garner looks considerably better with this hair, then with the one she had in ’One Percent More Humid’. Yes, Temple and Garner played together in that movie, where they were friends, now they are half-sisters, and some people on Twitter claim they look very much like each other. I don’t think so…

The episode’s first half revolves around the mom trying to find a(nother) partner for herself. She uses an online dating website, but as we see from one of the early sequences, all the men are „horrible”. Well, I can confirm, we, men have some of those „bad” qualities that the makers show, but this is what makes us real. Then comes our title character, John (Eric Bana), who’s not just handsome, but has an interesting job (anesthesiologist), had an interesting past (was a soldier), and he’s an awesome conversational partner, has great humour, etc. He’s just too good to be true. And Debra falls for him, even after the strange ending of their first date. The second half of the episode shows how the rest of the family reacts to John’s appearance, who gets more and more intimate with Debra by every day. The man steps up, when he thinks the girls are abusing their mom’s love; also he basically controls his partner after a while. After 5 weeks of knowing each other, the mom rents an incredible seaside house, where they are now living together, and at the end of the episode, after 8 and a half weeks, they are getting married in Las Vegas…

The story itself is interesting, because it shows how deep down, a lot of women still hope that Prince Charming will come for them one day, and take them away on his white horse to the palace of happiness. It also focuses on the situation, where an already established (in this case, incomplete and disfunctional) family has to accept an outsider as a new member. Veronica embodies suspicion and hatred, which is displayed really openly (I guess this is not very common in real life); while Terra’s kinda more realistic with trying to understand John. So far we know that Juno’s character has some kind of gut instinct telling her not to trust the man; while Julia’s figure is angry because her mom didn’t told her how the new member is living with her. She’s definetly more childish then her sister, and I have a hunch that her mistrust towards John is rooted in Veronica’s same kind of feeling…

Some things worth noticing: There are two more mebers of the family, the girls have a brother who has been seen in one scene and he already has kids; and also there’s the grandma. The music is really not my kind, but we can hear some good old songs at the end, in the form of covers. One of the best scenes is where Debra and Veronica are standing in front of the mirror, and we only see their mirror images. There, it’s 100% believable, that Connie and Juno are related, and they act pretty much natural too. One of Ms. Temple’s trademarks is that her fingernails are incedibly short, but here, they gave her much longer fake nails, and it’s very interesting to see. To demonstrate how rich Debra is, she pays 86 000 dollars in advance for the seaside house’s rent! In the whole episode, there was only one black character, the female „priest” who celebrates the Las Vegas wedding, but Debra’s assistant is an Asian woman, and she had quite some screentime.

I think all the four main characters’ actors are doing a great job, the best is Eric Bana. Naturally I’m biased for Juno, so I’ll rank her Nr. 2, but only because Britton’s character is really unlikeable. Garner has the fourth place, but she had the least amount of screentime so far. If I had to judge these people, right now I’d say: Debra gets what she deserves, because she invites „the devil” in. John also gets what he deserves, because he is doing his best; but he’ll have a worthy opponent this time: Veronica. I predict that she will be the one who uncovers the man’s real intentions, she’ll team up with Terra and try to stop him. We’ll see this week…

Probably because I’m a man, I see the world and this series in a different light then women, so if I was too harsh, that’s my reason.

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