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Here’s a huge lot of wonderful screencaps from the latest interview published on the site:

014.jpg 042.jpg 048.jpg 072.jpg 102.jpg 128.jpg 166.jpg 141.jpg 182.jpg 184.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Interviews > Half Hour With The Women of Ted Lasso Interview

A new video and screencaps from it will come very soon, not to mention that ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 plus Juno’s birthday is coming as well!

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(The interview comes at the end of this post!) Two never-before-seen behind the scenes photo has been published on Instagram from 2016, made on the set of short-lived, but incredibly cool series ‘Vinyl’:

195547524_1400176070340381_6495672286308403926_n.jpg 195713119_1196898784106527_3187121167587372441_n.jpg

Television > (2016) VINYL > On Set

Meanwhile, Jeremy Swift made this hilarious photo of himself, Juno and Hannah Waddingham at their last shooting day for the second season of ‘Ted Lasso’ (more about this series after the More tag below!):


Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Season 2 > Season 2 Behind The Scenes

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Thanks to Instagram, three new additions are in the Gallery: The first is a photo published by Julia Garner, Juno’s co-star on ‘One Percent More Humid’ (and on ‘Dirty John’ too), which was taken in 2016, during the filming of this movie. The second is from Simon Pegg, who starred with Juno in ‘Lost Transmissions’, it was made two years ago on set. And the last one is a special, custom poster for ‘Killer Joe’, made by the talented Gokaiju (Grégory Sacré) [used with his permission, more of his art and contact information could be found on his official website here]:

E1yVmi1XEAATfnO.jpg 191257495_316781306484962_2495531792899908225_n.jpg Killer_Joe_SD2.jpg

Miscellaneous > Juno Temple Instagram > 2016

Films > (2019) Lost Transmissions > Behind the Scenes

Films > (2012) Killer Joe > Posters

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Here’re the HQ screencaps from Juno’s latest short movie ‘The Call’:

0422.jpg 0551.jpg 0641.jpg 1055.jpg 1469.jpg 1638.jpg 1789.jpg 1861.jpg

Films > (2020) The Call > HQ Screencaps

If you want to watch the movie, you can do it here.

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I love everything about this interview: The questions are good, she gives detailed and interesting answers; her nails, jewelry and that see-through top she’s wearing are really cool, plus she makes a lot of funny faces:D

032.jpg 034.jpg 017.jpg 061.jpg 084.jpg 070.jpg 118.jpg 115.jpg 102.jpg 159.jpg 155.jpg 171.jpg 195.jpg 204.jpg 222.jpg 253.jpg 268.jpg 234.jpg

275.jpg 285.jpg 293.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > SAG-AFTRA Interview Screencaps

Tomorrow: ‘The Call’ – at last…

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This half hour long interview is a very nice insight into Juno’s career, she tells some of her most memorable moments from filming movies like ‘Magic Magic’, ‘Black Mass’, ‘Palmer’, ‘Killer Joe’ and of course, ‘Ted Lasso’. We recommend it to everyone who considers themselves to be a fan of hers!

Screencaps from this will come soon – my work kinda prevents me from doing anything Juno-related now, but next week, I’ll have more free time!

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