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September 22, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on An Offer, Some Fans & A Newscrumb

The last of the four published interviews have been processed, 157 screencaps have been added to the Gallery, but wait, there’s more under the pics!

014.jpg 016.jpg 065.jpg 083.jpg 109.jpg 102.jpg 143.jpg 157.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Interviews > The Offer She Couldn’t Refuse

Here’re 3 new fan-encounter-proofs and a bit of news after them:

306063448_190779850083604_5429298601756228673_n.jpg FbWPWmzWIAAmGWm1.jpg 306293470_803982320597218_965415787946477536_n.jpg

Miscellaneous > With Fans

The upcoming final (?) season of ‘Ted Lasso’ is delayed, but probably comes later this year; meanwhile, the newest bit of news is that ‘Wolfboy and The Everything Factory’ will have a second season – hopefully they’ll invite Juno back to voice the arch villain again!

September 9, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The Offer of The Guardian

Another day, another batch of screencaps from the four-video-post, this time from the second longest, which is focusing on Juno’s character in ‘The Offer’, Bettye McCartt – plus here’re two outtakes from a photoshoot made earlier this year:

004.jpg 029.jpg 048.jpg 090.jpg 091.jpg 124.jpg FbZwkEcX0AARbq51.jpg FbZwkFkX0AAmOBy1.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Interviews > The Unsung Legacy of Bettye McCartt

Studio Photoshoots > 2022 > The Guardian Photoshoot

September 7, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on 1 Interview + 2 Fan Encounters

Another batch of screencaps arrived from the four published interviews regarding ‘The Offer’, including my new favorite reaction face:D Also, the other two pics are fan-made photos from Twitter and Instagram:

007.jpg 020.jpg 033.jpg Fa2lQ8sXoAQbe981.jpg FZGBQQzWQAA59_L1.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Interviews > Interview featuring Miles Teller, Matthew Goode & Dan Fogler

Out & About > 2022 > August 23 (around): Spotted in LA

Miscellaneous > With Fans

September 5, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Short Screencaps + Golden Finds

As was promised in the previous post, here’re some screencaps from interviews regarding ‘The Offer’; plus some rare finds recently published on Instagram, made during the recording of a music video for the song Gold by The Shelters:

003.jpg 014.jpg 008.jpg 304678602_941376750588377_1564216726922291805_n.jpg 287220517_101438822692600_5060059770020479075_n.jpg 304905443_128925526346897_4412972730237952778_n.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Interviews > Short Interview featuring Miles Teller

Screen Captures > Music Videos > The Shelters – Gold – Still Photographs

September 2, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Four Videos from the Recent Past

‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 is coming, but before submerging into the final (?) act of this hugely successful series, let’s step back in time a little for ‘The Offer’, which was (despite it’s obvious faults) the best quality work Juno’s been a part of in recent years (not counting ‘The Call’, which was also great). In these four videos, Ms. Temple talks about the real & the fictional Bettye McCartt, her costars and ‘The Godfather’; the first 2 videos are her alone, with the first being the longest (also contaning much ‘Ted Lasso’-related stuff); then she’s joined by Miles Teller in the third interview; and the last one also has Dan Fogler and Matthew Goode:

Until the new episodes of ‘Ted Lasso’ come out, we’ll publish some pics and the screencaps from these videos.

August 22, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Juno on The Tonight Show

Season 3 of ‘Ted Lasso’ is coming, the promotion started recently and Juno went to Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show to speak about this highly successful series. Sadly a copy of this episode is not yet in our possession, but here we have some photos and two tiny videos will be added to our Instagram.

299812783_757978472179446_8352707346600929519_n.jpg 32.jpg 299877032_1081656859140743_9199806291661975343_n.jpg 299903547_175552708292226_2412895244925217960_n.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 08.18.