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A new short film titled ‘The Call’ has been released, and Juno’s the main and only actor in it. You can watch it freely here:

Meanwhile, the second season of ‘Ted Lasso’ is coming, and a new Keeley character poster plus a behind-the-scenes photo has recently surfaced on Instagram:

182210361_461142855190230_2593631497088528537_n.jpg KeeleyPoster.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Season 2 Behind The Scenes

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Season 2 Promotional Photos

And last, but not least is a small piece of news: Juno will play a supporting (probably very minor) role in Joseph Gordon-Lewitt’s new series called ‘Mr. Corman’ – again on AppleTv, just like ‘Ted Lasso’. The first three episodes will premiere on August 6.

Screencaps from the short movie will come hopefully on Sunday or Monday!

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Juno is starring in a new short film by the name of ‘The Call’ – so far not many things are known about it, but this video shows promise:

According to the filmshortage Instagram page, the story’s core is that “A woman discovers a secret that changes everything.” We hope that it will be available to see for all! (Also this picture‘s from the making of ‘The Call’.)

And another thing: Three nice photos have surfaced, also from Instagram; a lucky fan posted these, who met Juno back in 2014, where she was still with Michael Angarano:

10616861_808319965884882_1839909503_n.jpg 10507957_748446401888619_9841985_n.jpg 1389569_873363042676540_916116172_n.jpg

Miscellaneous > With Fans

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After long years of searching, we’ve finally came across one of Juno’s rarest screen appearances, the elusive short film ‘Bastard’, directed by Kirsten Dunst. Thanks to CJ Sheu on Twitter, we could watch a copy of it – because of the streaming site’s coding, only a screen-filming version of capture was available. But even in this form, every picture from ‘Bastard’ is a rare gem to any Juno-fan, even in this low-quality state:

005.jpg 018.jpg 021.jpg 029.jpg

Films > (2010) Bastard > Screengrabs

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Kinda late to the party. but here’s the first official trailer for the next Juno-movie, ‘Palmer’, where she plays alongside Justin Timberlake again (their first cooperation was in ‘Wonder Wheel’):

149.jpg 529.jpg 156.jpg

Television > (2020) Palmer > Trailer Screencaps

Can’t say I’m excited for this movie, and not just because Juno’s screentime will be about 7-10 minutes at best… But I have to admit, that junkie, sort of undead look is really cool on her – at least it’s 100% sure now that she has changed her appearance so radically because of this project.

The movie will be out on January 29th on AppleTv+.

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Two days ago, Juno has been photographed in an Emporium store in New Zealand. Maybe she’s filming something there? Meanwhile, new additions has been added to our Pretties Underwear Campaign Gallery:

emporium_nz.png pretties7.jpg pretties8.jpg

Public Appearances > 2020 > In New Zealand 11.14.

Studio Photoshoots > 2019 > Pretties Underwear Campaign

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The new British series ‘Ted Lasso’ will start tomorrow, Juno plays a small recurring role in it. Here are the promotional images, the first one is the official photo of her character from the trailer, the second is a picture taken in the UK about a poster on the street:

117288605_191924095613492_7377626257287979512_n.jpg 117335010_222134145807738_6225253932323999513_n.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Promotional Images

Meanwhile, we continue our ‘Little Birds (Series)’ screencaps + interviews, ‘Ted Lasso’ material will be added soon as well!

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