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April 21, 2024   JasonX   Comments Off on GLAAD Awards Photos Dress Like Juno, Gallery, Ted Lasso

We’re only 1 month and 1 week late with theseūüėÖ Public Appearances¬†>¬†2024¬†>¬†GLAAD Awards – 03.14. This time she has accepted the award, but it was just partially hers, because it was given to the cast & crew of ‘Ted Lasso’ as a whole. Now, I don’t know about you, but I had no idea what […]

April 7, 2024   JasonX   Comments Off on SAG Awards Returns: The Rise of Ted Lasso Gallery, Site, Ted Lasso

These are the best photos from the second half of last month’s SAG Awards ceremony, where, interestingly enough, the cast & crew of ‘Fargo’ didn’t show up, but the ‘Ted Lasso’ people not only came, they’ve brought team-themed dresses for everyone. For some reason, the 2nd pic here looks like trash in full size, I […]

March 10, 2024   JasonX   Comments Off on SAG Award Pics from February 24th Dress Like Juno, Gallery, Site, Ted Lasso

Juno was a guest at the 30th Screen Actors’ Guild Awards in Los Angeles on the 24th of February. This time she was nominated in the “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series” category with the cast of ‘Ted Lasso’, but she didn’t won (againūüėí). Despite this, she looked truly wonderful, mostly because […]

February 16, 2024   JasonX   Comments Off on Juno presented at the Emmy Awards on January 15th Dress Like Juno, Gallery, Site, Ted Lasso

Juno was at this year’s Emmy Awards, but sadly she didn’t win anything. Instead, she presented an award with her on-screen partner from ‘Ted Lasso’, Brett Goldstein: Public Appearances¬†>¬†2024¬†>¬†Juno presents with Brett Goldstein at the Emmy Awards – 01.15. There’re two pictures there from Instagram, one shows Ms. Temple’s hair being done for the show, […]

September 9, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Last Round (?) Before Fargo Dress Like Juno, Gallery, Site, Ted Lasso

Here’re all the unpublished pictures that we have left from July 21st and beyond!¬†First a widely circulated fan-photo of a lucky guy, who met Juno not long ago: Miscellaneous¬†>¬†With Fans Next, a remnant of ‘Ted Lasso’, here we see Jason Sudeikis in his character’s attire, directing Juno: Television¬†>¬†(2020) Ted Lasso¬†>¬†Season 3¬†>¬†Behind the Scenes And last, […]

July 21, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Luke Fontana Portraits + Emmy Magazine Gallery, Press Archive, Site, Ted Lasso

This wonderful day is also the day when our 1000th Gallery subsection has been added! This particular 1000th includes these beautiful portraits of our birthday girl: Studio Photoshoots¬†>¬†2023¬†>¬†Luke Fontana And the last bit of Lasso, a low-quality scan of this year’s Emmy Magazine: Magazine Scan¬†>¬†2023¬†>¬†Emmy Magazine There’s still quite a bit of content left, I’m […]