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Here are the screencaps featuring Juno from the first trailer of ‘Ted Lasso’s’ second season:

001.jpg 010.jpg 006.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Season 2 Trailer Screencaps

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‘Ted Lasso’ was last year’s unexpected success, I guess that even the creators had no idea that it will get such incredibly positive response from everywhere. The series will continue this summer, and we have the first trailer here, including some Juno-appearance:

Screencaps will come soon!

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The first one’s been uploaded by Juno herself, it depicts her taking part in one of the major livestreams regarding ‘Ted Lasso’. The next three were found on Hannah Waddingham’s Instagram, they show her hanging out with Ms. Temple while filming the second season of the aforementioned series. And the last one is a beautifully composed behind-the-scenes photograph from the set of ‘Vinyl’.

169135363_196486601998919_6606858076315544893_n.jpg 173109027_303632561113383_7793252163759958562_n.jpg 173109027_303632561113383_7793252163759958562_n1.jpg 173856911_469052947740146_3332898913264822369_n.jpg 168993970_161976852463476_6333449715977692097_n.jpg

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More ‘Ted Lasso’ stuff, this time it’s the screencap-pack from the latest interview published on the site:

004.jpg 034.jpg 014.jpg 080.jpg 062.jpg 049.jpg 091.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Tara Hitchcock Interview Screncaps

Some things from Instagram will come on Sunday!

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Basically the whole cast of this very successful series appears in this video, but the part that interests us starts at 14:38 (the link automatically starts the video there):

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This one’s way longer than the previous ones, but it’s worth watching! The interviewer asks good questions, Juno tells a lot of interesting things and she’s excited to answer – the part about ‘Vinyl’ is a rare gem, usually not many people remember that series:

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