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A recently surfaced picture shows Juno and Daniel Radcliffe, her co-star from the movie ‘Horns’, made at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2013:


Public Appearances > 2013 > Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 24-02-2013

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The promised HQ pics from the March 11th premiere of ‘Lost Transmissions’ has arrived:

012.jpg 015.jpg 023.jpg

Public Appearances > 2020 > Lost Transmissions Premiere 11.03. HQ

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Here are the HQ screencaps from ‘Lost Transmissions’. Took me almost a week to gather them all, but it worth the effort:

045.jpg 063.jpg 131.jpg 185.jpg 236.jpg

Films > (2019) Lost Transmissions > HQ Screencaps

There are 15 pages in total, but I’ve only linked the first 5, because that’s more than enough. I’ve left in some crazy moments and pics of her hands, because I love her rings! I’m very sure that those, along with the clothes she wore, were her own, not costumes made for the film.

Next: HQ photos from the premiere event of this movie!

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Here are the screencaps from the second trailer of ‘Lost Transmissions’, plus some amateur photos taken of Juno on March 11th, outside the place that held a premiere screening of the movie in Los Angeles:

007.jpg 004.jpg 019.jpg ES38JvvUMAA05lw.jpg

Films > (2019) Lost Transmissions > Trailer Screens2

Public Appearances > 2020 > Lost Transmissions Premiere 11.03.

Next: Walls of text a.k.a. interviews made at the aforementioned event!

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The second trailer for ‘Lost Transmissions’ has landed:

Also a lucky guy met Juno at the recent premiere of the aforementioned movie:


Miscellaneous > With Fans

Interestingly the second trailer features almost no Alexandra Daddario, and it recieved way less exposure… Screencaps from it + HQ pics from the premiere will be added soon!

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Here are the promised screencaps from the not-long-ago released trailer of ‘Lost Transmissions’, plus a photo from Juno herself about a skin vitalizing product that she recieved from the manufacturer:

88254660_144523707028529_8991257014937270327_n.jpg 003.jpg 027.jpg 034.jpg

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Films > (2019) Lost Transmissions > Trailer Screens

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