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Since ‘Ted Lasso’ has ended, there’s basically a livestream with the cast every week. Here are some little cutouts that we’ve seen on various social media:

136415687_443849393324755_7400741567950589658_n.jpg 135544843_783516599187321_9062599897073413845_n.jpg 137252797_1048352075678358_2574221590057922060_n.jpg 135785552_150769933305007_2123620496845246761_n.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Tiny Screencaps

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Here’s the picture that Juno posted on Instagram, celebrating the New Year:


Miscellaneous > Juno Temple Instagram > 2021

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The Instagram-section of our Gallery received a bigger update from various finds, the first is a fresh pic from last month:


Miscellaneous > Juno Temple Instagram > 2020

Here’s another one that I could pinpoint by year, a pic we already had, this time it’s without a filter:


Miscellaneous > Juno Temple Instagram > 2016

These are from various years, so they’ve been added to the Instagram Pictures category:

10009235_1423240401259472_805015171_n.jpg 11246121_1575571086038959_215606253_n.jpg 11273226_868790793188486_1337220640_n.jpg 14099260_941680542608371_1517186971_n.jpg

Miscellaneous > Instagram Pictures

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This mysterious title covers 3 fresh updates: The first one is a picture of Juno and Michael Cera – they had two movies together, and judging from Ms. Temple’s looks, this must have been made in an event related to their 2013 movie ‘Magic Magic’ – although this is not 100%. The second is a very small picture from a book premiere event back in 2017. And the third one is a PDF scan of a 2013 Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, a one page long article about Juno with some pics.

964874_10151598325612710_494157194_o.jpg Alice_Temperley27s_Book_Launch_in_LA_Party_Snaps.jpg

Public Appearances > 2013 > Unknown Magic Magic Event

Public Appearances > 2017 > 11.10. Alice Temperley’s Book Launch in Los Angeles

Click here to view the PDF, then on the small grey title to download it!

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A sudden server issue prevented us from uploading pictures, but it’s solved now. Let’s celebrate with Juno’s latest Instagram photo:


Miscellaneous > Juno Temple Instagram > 2020

The freshly arrived HQ pictures will be added in the next couple of days!

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Since ‘Ted Lasso’ ended, the amount of fresh Juno-material is scarce. Luckily, Instagram always provides something, here we have some newly gathered, but not all new photos of her:

These two were obviously made this year, and they are most likely behind the scenes pictures from shootings, but I wasn’t able to determine where they are from, there are no clues, and in the case of the second one, the publisher refused to answer my question.

u_3.jpg u_1.jpg

Miscellaneous > Juno Temple Instagram > 2020

This is from last year’s Halloween:


Miscellaneous > Juno Temple Instagram > 2019

These are from the making of ‘Ted Lasso’:

EkbQG_IXYAAvi7A.jpg EkbQG_NWAAAZfoy.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Behind the Scenes

This is from an interview that was conducted in relation to her movie ‘Horns’ – on it, we see her with Joe Hill, author of the book which the movie was based on and Daniel Radcliffe, her co-star:


Films > (2013) Horns > Interview Screencaps > Juno, Joe & Daniel

And last, two pics that I couldn’t place on the timeline. One of them is probably from a public event, made by a paparazzi, the other is an out & about-style of photo, but it’s also very stylish, like she’s posing for a fashion magazine.

u_2.jpg cdd1dc169ea5ea3b2dcc6abd826289a8a8939755e5c56988a0e596ec2053a982.jpg

Miscellaneous > Instagram Pictures

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