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Juno is starring in a new short film by the name of ‘The Call’ – so far not many things are known about it, but this video shows promise:

According to the filmshortage Instagram page, the story’s core is that “A woman discovers a secret that changes everything.” We hope that it will be available to see for all! (Also this picture‘s from the making of ‘The Call’.)

And another thing: Three nice photos have surfaced, also from Instagram; a lucky fan posted these, who met Juno back in 2014, where she was still with Michael Angarano:

10616861_808319965884882_1839909503_n.jpg 10507957_748446401888619_9841985_n.jpg 1389569_873363042676540_916116172_n.jpg

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Basically the whole cast of this very successful series appears in this video, but the part that interests us starts at 14:38 (the link automatically starts the video there):

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This is a “what is ‘Palmer’ in case you have no idea about it”-type of video:

Screencaps will come soon!

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This one’s way longer than the previous ones, but it’s worth watching! The interviewer asks good questions, Juno tells a lot of interesting things and she’s excited to answer – the part about ‘Vinyl’ is a rare gem, usually not many people remember that series:

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This small, but very nicely done interview is kinda about ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘Palmer’, but meanwhile it’s about Juno’s whole career too:

The thing I don’t get is, she’s using the words “people” and “humans”, and once she even says “people and humans”. What’s the difference?  Anyway, screencaps will come tomorrow!

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In this short video, Juno talks about Justin Timberlake, their work together in ‘Palmer’ and a little bit of ‘Ted Lasso’:

I don’t like this video though, the interview’s sound quality is horrible, most of the runtime is made of clips from the aforementioned things and ‘Wonder Wheel’, but the narration is loud as hell… Well, maybe the next one will be better!

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