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June 29, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The Offer Episode 8 Screencaps

Drunk Bettye is Best Bettye:D

0417.jpg 1106.jpg 2013.jpg 2486.jpg 4076.jpg 4158.jpg 5613.jpg 6165.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Episode 8 Screencaps

Don’t forget that Juno-month starts tomorrow!

June 22, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The Offer Episode 7 Screencaps

Officially, ‘The Offer’ has ended, but it can still be streamed from Paramount+ – plus since we publish 1 episode per week, it will continue on here for at least 2 more weeks!

1760.jpg 0027.jpg 1472.jpg 2025.jpg 2488.jpg 2925.jpg 3146.jpg 3252.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Episode 7 Screencaps

June 14, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The Offer Episode 6 Screencaps

A sudden change in my schedule made it impossible to add the promised screencaps at the last weekend, but here they are now:

0642.jpg 0669.jpg 1846.jpg 1463.jpg 2357.jpg 2437.jpg 3683.jpg 3670.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Episode 6 Screencaps

Don’t be fooled by the weird looking thumbnails, that’s because the pics are stretched out, while the site shows the things in the middle of them! Also, I have to point out that the genuine rage in the scene where Bettye slaps Al is great, those expressions are not just because I chose some funny faces, no, that’s what she portrayed here. And another excellent emotional showcase was when Bettye goes to meet Colombo, you can feel her anxiety and fear. And it’s not a deep-seated dread, it’s just a great unease and nervousness. These are the moments where Juno really shines!

June 9, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The Offer Episode 5 Screencaps

Sorry for the incredible delay, but better later than never!

0085.jpg 0680.jpg 0709.jpg 1066.jpg 1348.jpg 1385.jpg 1773.jpg 2091.jpg 2163.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Episode 5 Screencaps

Episode 6’s screens could come on Saturday or Sunday, if the stars align right:P

May 31, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The Offer Episode 4 Screencaps

After a long (?) hiatus, we’re back with the most interesting Juno-related screens from ‘The Offer’, Episode 4:

00257.jpg 01177.jpg 02633.jpg 02964.jpg 05323.jpg 07981.jpg 09986.jpg 10567.jpg 13160.jpg 14016.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Episode 4 Screencaps

If things go right, we’ll have Episode 5’s screens on Sunday or Monday…

May 16, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The Offer Episode 3 Screencaps

Three episodes behind, you say? Well, quality over speed is our motto (along with WE LOVE JUNO), so here we are:

1205.jpg 1348.jpg 2872.jpg 3355.jpg 4392.jpg 4859.jpg 5438.jpg 7545.jpg 7820.jpg 9084.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Episode 3 Screencaps

Episode 4 will be added on Sunday (hopefully), and we think this series gets better with every installment – although this third one didn’t had a nice cliffhanger…