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December 14, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Aisha Schliessler Talks About The Call

The independent movie site Hommage has featured Juno’s most recent short film, the visually stunning drama ‘The Call’, which tells so much in so little time. On the page dedicated to this movie, the site’s owner interviewed the director/writer/producer of ‘The Call’, Aisha Schliessler, and of course, they’ve talked in detail about Ms. Temple’s contribution. (We’ve only included the parts that are strictly about her, M means Mark Shaba, the owner of Hommage, A is our director, Aisha Schliessler, the cursive letters are our own additions.) Click the READ MORE tag to see the interview!

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December 9, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on A Cup of Brass Tea

Three types of pictures have been added to the Gallery, regarding Juno’s wonderful comedy-drama, ‘The Brass Teapot’. There’s a funny picture from the premier, a behind-the-scenes shot and some stills:

009.jpg 257261124_1750506051958975_5858381899398616570_n.jpg 257700093_231016529119664_5430278555455158003_n.jpg 257729071_458339085689019_2195702672369952140_n.jpg 5_281029.jpg 257704155_2370006209806976_2578708887676747907_n.jpg

Public Appearances > 2013 > ”The Brass Teapot” Screening at the ArcLight, Hollywood, CA 21-03-2013

Films > (2012) The Brass Teapot > On Set

Films > (2012) The Brass Teapot > Stills

The last month of this year will be very busy for me, so the new content will come at a much slower pace…

December 4, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Pretty Endings

Thanks to Instagram, new content have been added to existing Galleries, two pictures to ‘The Endings’ book, and four to the ‘Pretties’ underwear campaign:

244641511_2785573875074181_7155447019781597575_n.jpg 244744095_1489604004736857_6308299838788155582_n.jpg 244989118_3272425539661311_4870230395724768868_n.jpg pretties21.jpg 246156208_554163322680555_5868725936450663921_n.jpg 246518716_930413281188626_5253711977226704994_n.jpg

Magazine Scan > 2018 > The Endings

Studio Photoshoots > 2019 > Pretties Underwear Campaign

More pictures will come next week!

November 30, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on The Keeley Jones Photoshoot

Juno has been featured on the pages of Vanity Fair Magazine already this year, in relation to ‘Little Birds (Series)’. Then she appeared again, this time in character as Keeley Jones from ‘Ted Lasso’ – these shots were featured in the series too:

003.jpg 006.jpg 002.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > 2021 > Vanity Fair Keeley Jones Photoshoot

Next day of upload will probably be Saturday.

November 28, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Out & About 2021 Edition

The last two years had been really scarce in candid shots, which is understandable, if you consider the pandemic, but luckily, we have the first Out & About shots from 2021:

8.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg

Out & About > 2021 > November 4: Melrose, Los Angeles

She just looks so comfy in those huge pants:)

November 19, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Some Like It Ted

The fresh content is very scarce since ‘Ted Lasso’ ended and all the pictures from the sets of ‘The Offer’ are watermarked. Anyway, we still have a lot of pictures accumulated during Ted’s second season, so here’re some of them. Firstly, pics of lucky fans who met Juno in real life; followed by some Lasso-related photos:

FBSAedFVIAApirO.jpg E-ufQBkVEAcVo-l.jpg 242552081_387779489404086_1615050490244685035_n.jpg 257320092_574741513598591_6929396114170651642_n.jpg

Miscellaneous > With Fans

FDbQHy5X0AAhpHQ.jpg 245821516_582225379653536_6779913002341027574_n.jpg 258100928_618134362934059_7485530452408537646_n.jpg

Public Appearances > 2021 > Emmy Awards 09.19.

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Season 2 > Season 2 Promotional Photos

Public Appearances > 2021 > Apple Tv Event 11.18.

Next day of upload will probably be on Tuesday.