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April 8, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Three Promotional Images from The Offer

These have been published at Instagram and Twitter over the recent week:

278068791_1035618517047624_8330514767660686660_n.jpg FPckINnWYAAEt7z.jpg 277933899_3174368222784562_548150501735417561_n.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Promotional Stills

First three episodes of ‘The Offer’ will be available for streaming on April 28th, the new episodes will come weekly! We will publish screencaps of one episode per week.

March 30, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Screencaps from The Offer’s Second Trailer

It’s less than a month until ‘The Offer’ starts streaming on Paramount+, so the channel has dropped the second trailer for the series. Here’re the screencaps from it (and you can watch both trailers here, in case you haven’t seen them yet):

248.jpg 170.jpg 231.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Trailer 2 Screencaps

Sorry for the weird screencaps, that’s how the Gallery works:P

March 28, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The Offer Second Trailer + Poster

Exactly 1 month from now and we can all watch Juno’s newest project, a limited series called ‘The Offer’, which tells us about the story of making the legendary movie ‘The Godfather’. In this, Ms. Temple returns to the ’70’s, her favorite era, where she has already been twice, during ‘Lovelace’ and ‘Vinyl’; not to mention going back to her original genre, dramas.


Television > (2022) The Offer > Promotional Stills

Here’s the second trailer (plus in case you’ve missed, this link contains the first one):

Screencaps from this trailer will follow shortly!

March 22, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Critics Choice Awards Pictures

High quality (and some not-so-high-quality) photos made during the 27th Critics Choice Awards has been uploaded to the Gallery. Unfortunately Juno herself didn’t get any prize (again…), but she’s still a major part of the ‘Ted Lasso’ success (I have a guess why she’s being overlooked by the award-givers, but let me keep that to myself). Anyway, let’s get to the pics:

011.jpg 035.jpg 041.jpg 060.jpg 275730877_173485598340635_5006312532990107572_n.jpg 275806782_129113386343565_5858104990706022566_n.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > 27th Critics Choice Awards 03.13.

I’m very tired currently, courtesy of my work, so I forgot to properly organize the pictures, hope you’ll forgive me:)

March 12, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on New Behind the Scenes Pictures from The Call

Last year wasn’t great for movie actors, and that’s true for Juno too. She only had two premieres, the highly praised ‘Palmer’ and the lesser known, but definitely great short film ‘The Call’. Thanks to the creator of the latter, Aisha Schliessler, there’s a constant flow of good, high quality and free content regarding this underrated short movie. Today we bring you some behind-the-scenes photos taken during filming:

275461617_627733941622943_3283379355324834776_n.jpg 275418946_638089713956362_9006295946572018902_n.jpg 275533030_436575044880384_8156087499352561830_n.jpg

Films > (2020) The Call > Behind the Scenes

In case you haven’t seen ‘The Call’, you can do it by clicking this link – and if you wish to see all of our relevant content to it, click the Category ‘The Call’, which you’ll find attached to this post!

March 7, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on 28th Screen Actors Guild Award

The award-giving ceremony, mentioned in the title, was held in Juno’s home city, Los Angeles, on February 27th this year. In this post, we have gathered pictures from before the ceremony, made during her dress-up procedure; high quality photos from the event itself; plus two little videos:

6.jpg 12.jpg 4.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > Preparing for the SAG Awards 02.27.

007.jpg 013.jpg 021.jpg 043.jpg 047.jpg 050.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > Screen Actors Guild Awards Ceremony 02.27.

Here’s a slow motion video, detailing Juno’s “golden goddess” Versace look:

And here’s Hannah Waddingham’s speech in the name of the ‘Ted Lasso’ cast, accepting the “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series” award. She literally shout out to Juno, who was present at the ceremony, but for some reason, didn’t went on stage to accept the trophy: