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This small, but very nicely done interview is kinda about ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘Palmer’, but meanwhile it’s about Juno’s whole career too:

The thing I don’t get is, she’s using the words “people” and “humans”, and once she even says “people and humans”. What’s the difference?  Anyway, screencaps will come tomorrow!

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This is the official soundtrack of ‘Palmer’, which is interesting because Juno has 28 seconds of screentime in the music video and out of that, 9 seconds are from an unused scene of the movie, where it seems like Shelley was going to the school, maybe to pick up Sam? Video first, screens lower down:

Her scenes are at 0:28, 0:46, 3:30 and 3:52. Screencaps:

002.jpg 007.jpg

Television > (2020) Palmer > Nathaniel Rateliff Redemption Music Video

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Here are the screencaps from yesterday’s published interview, mostly regarding ‘Palmer’:

002.jpg 004.jpg 008.jpg 011.jpg

Television > (2020) Palmer > Jeanne Wolf Interview

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In this short video, Juno talks about Justin Timberlake, their work together in ‘Palmer’ and a little bit of ‘Ted Lasso’:

I don’t like this video though, the interview’s sound quality is horrible, most of the runtime is made of clips from the aforementioned things and ‘Wonder Wheel’, but the narration is loud as hell… Well, maybe the next one will be better!

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As promised in the previous post, here’re the screencaps from the latest Juno-interview, which is mostly about ‘Palmer’:

010.jpg 044.jpg 083.jpg 078.jpg 096.jpg 109.jpg

Television > (2020) Palmer > Bonnie Laufer Krebs Interview

Those who have good eyes can spot something happening in the background while she speaks:) More things will probably come on Tuesday!

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Here’s another interview, this time it’s about ‘Palmer’. Juno mainly speaks about the experience of working with Ryder Allen and the fact that she had to change very quickly from the mindset of Keeley from ‘Ted Lasso’ to Shelley in ‘Palmer’:

(Love how her jewelry makes a nice cling-sound when she moves:)) I’ll try to add the screencaps from this video tomorrow!

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