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November 8, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Conversation with Hannah

In this rather unusual interview, Juno and Hannah Waddingham talk to each other about ‘Ted Lasso’, without any journalist present. The video is interesting, not just content-wise, but also from the aesthetic point of view, that’s why some of these caps are B&W, while others are colorful:

014.jpg 033.jpg 002.jpg 056.jpg 088.jpg 093.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Interviews > Conversation with Hannah Waddingham

There’s still a lot of things waiting for upload, but time is scarce, because of my work… I’ll add more stuff on Wednesday though!

November 2, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Neiman Marcus Campaign Launch Event

Juno and her ‘Ted Lasso’ costar, Phil Dunster, where guests at this event, held last week in Los Angeles:

005.jpg 015.jpg 028.jpg

Public Appearances > 2021 > Neiman Marcus Campaign Launch in Los Angeles 10.26.

I love that incredibly tiny bag she has:) Screencap-upload will continue shortly!

November 1, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on FYC Screencaps

Last time two videos were published, where Juno was talking about ‘Ted Lasso’, accompanied by Hannah Waddingham. Here’re the screencaps from the second video, where we return to her exciting looking kitchen of dreams:

011.jpg 027.jpg 028.jpg 061.jpg 079.jpg 077.jpg 094.jpg 114.jpg 116.jpg 147.jpg 155.jpg 149.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Interviews > FYC Screencaps

Next day of upload: Wednesday.

October 27, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Two Times with Hannah

Here’re two videos, where Juno’s ‘Ted Lasso’ co-star and real life friend, fellow actress Hannah Waddingham joins her to talk about their shared experiences on and off camera:

Sadly the video from the previous post is in some weird format and we’re unable to convert and cap it, so no screencaps this time. Let’s hope today’s chosen will do better!

October 25, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Video Interview + Screencaps 4

In this rather long video, there’re small parts of Juno talking about – you’ve guessed it – ‘Ted Lasso’:

Her parts are at 0:26-0:33, 3:16-3:55, 8:43-9:51, 11:47-12:37 and 14:24-14:48. Plus here’s her best moments from the previous video:

015.jpg 004.jpg 040.jpg 046.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Interviews > Fresh Fiction

Next day of upload: Wednesday!

October 23, 2021   JasonX   Comments Off on Video Interview + Screencaps 3

In this almost a quarter-hour long video, the interviewer asks Juno, Phil Dunster and Jeremy Swift about Season 2 of ‘Ted Lasso’. Juno’s part starts at the beginning and last until 4:54.

Meanwhile, here’re the screencaps from the Odda Magazine interview – we’ve chosen the already established Odda Photoshoot Gallery for them, since they’re pretty high quality, like the shoot itself, which also received a new addition:

240828571_280323973499470_8675808689995011486_n.jpg 025.jpg 037.jpg 066.jpg 061.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > 2021 > Odda Magazine

More stuff will be added around Monday or Wednesday.