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Jul 26, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Juno Speaks in Wolfboy   Site, Video

After Juno has taken a role in two episodes of ‘Mr. Corman’, the creator & main actor of that series, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has offered her another role in a project he was producing/acting in, this was ‘Wolfboy and the Everything Factory’. This small series is about a peculiar boy, named William, who gets to go to a boarding school, but he’s really out of place there – luckily, he finds a portal to another dimension, populated by Sprytes, whimsical creatures who create everything in our world, from snowflakes to rabbits and birds. Juno is a guest voice in the season finale, where she speaks the lines of Nix (or Nyx?), who’s the main antagonist (basically a Voldemort/Emperor Palpatine-type of character). Here’re all of her lines & the appearance of her character in an incorporeal form:

The series is okay, it’s worth a watch, has many funny moments, and only about 4 boring episodes. Too bad, that the ending leaves everything hanging, they’re probably aiming for a second season. The obvious Harry Potter-copying could be forgiven for the nice characters and the good messages. Juno’s role in unconfirmed in official sources, like imdb, but if you listen, you can easily recognize her – she did a good job though, I was only sure about her identity after like the 4th line.

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