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Ana found this video along with two others, that shows Juno auditioning for a role:

We don’t know exactly what role or project this is related to, but here’s all the information that we have gathered from the video:

  • A wife and a husband are talking.
  • The husband is more than likely played by Michael Angarano, who was Juno’s boyfriend at the time.
  • The husband is ill (?).
  • They’re talking about another man who was also competing for the hand of Juno’s character, but lost.
  • She reads a lot.
  • They have a type of (Southern?) accent.
  • They’re in some sort of financial trouble, their farm isn’t producing as much.
  • The husband is named Russell.
  • She calls Jesus “Jesus H. Christ”.
  • “over here” – they must be in some sort of desolate or hard-to-grow-crops-here area.

If anyone can recognize this situation, please, tell us!

Also here are the screencaps from the video:

0_0029.jpg 0_0478.jpg 0_0954.jpg 0_0941.jpg 0_1271.jpg 0_1249.jpg

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