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Jan 02, 2019   JasonX   Comments Off on ‘Dirty John’ Episode 6 Screens, Review + Young Hollywood Screens   Dirty John, Gallery, Review

Here are two packs of screencaps: The first one’s from the Young Hollywood interview, the second is from Episode 6 of ‘Dirty John’ – the series which the interview was about. My review of the last episode comes after the More tag!

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This was a brilliant episode! It looks like we’re back from where we’ve started, then Debra, for the first time, begins to shine!

The two timelines all revolve around John, but he’s only in the background in both. The past shows us a detective, who’s investigating Tonia’s case. He’s sceptical at first, but then realizes what he’s got in his hands and starts to go after John, with the help of the suspect’s current girlfriend. We see how they search the title character’s home for drugs, arrest him and he makes a daring attempt at escaping (why he wasn’t cuffed in the first place is beyond me), that, along with the chase, is a great sequence! At the end, he escapes the clutches of police and leaves the state to avoid punishment. The text on the screen said that what we saw was 10 years ago, and at the end, it’s stated that John seeks asylum by Denise’s side, but this clearly happens before he’s out of prison (what we saw in the previous episode).

The present has an excellent twist, that’s related to Veronica in a way. The three characters in focus are John, Debra and Juno’s figure. The married couple seeks the help of an aged lawyer to clear the husband’s name, because, according to him, none of the things he’s associated with actually happened, he’s just the victim of revenge from his exes. The lawyer’s assistant knows John from somewhere, and doesn’t even want to be in the same room as him. It was unclear to me, how did she knew what she knew; but soon her boss realizes that the worry was not at all without basis: John is very hostile towards him.

It’s a thought-provoking experiment to think about what could be the main man’s motivation here? Is he angry, because the lawyer wants to bind him with a post-nup contract? Does he really expect blind obedience? Did he feel offended, because of that „in your case” comment? Did he realized things are going bad for him?

It seems like Debra’s unaffected by what she has found out in the last episode, but the lawyer feels she needs protection, which – seemingly – she doesn’t understand. The creators play with us here, the scene when Veronica calls was awesome in this matter, and by itself too! Our suspicion rises when the letter comes: Debra really didn’t opened it, despite it was sent directly to her? Why did she gave it to John? Why did John read out loud what’s actually written there? And everything makes sense, after Connie Britton’s figure meets her daugther.

Before revealing what’s going to happen, let’s talk about Juno’s screentime! So far she never did voice work, but in the scene where she’s at the phone and we can’t see her, she still performs very fine acting, Veronica’s facial expressions during that call come to life in front of our inner eyes! Some phone shenanigans make up a small section of her presence, and then the big moment of hers is in the restaurant, where mother and daugther meet: Veronica surrenders, peace is restored between her and Debra.

In that same part, we see how Debra turns his own weapons against John, how she secretly builds up her defenses and how she’s preparing for war. This, to me is the redemption of the character, but that comment the new lawyer makes in the car („If a bank gets robbed, we don’t blame the bank.”) and how he states that women go back way more times than her to their abusive partners… It doesn’t make sense, it’s all irrational, but as a man, I can’t imagine how a woman sees the world; so I’m not really entitled to an opinion here. At least I can understand why Tonia gets some praise, because she really fights for her family, and she never actually let John back in again. But Debra did, so I feel she deserves what’s coming to her.

John is probably losing his patience, because the video he sent to Veronica is proof against him; he threatened the lawyer; and at the end, in the very intense last part, he even threatens Debra. I don’t know what makes him drop his act so fast; and also it’s unclear how the wife was unable to come up with some lie about the money. Her car was parked outside that store, she could have said she went in and bought those golden somethings the owner told her about, and John could even check the tracking device to see that’s true. Instead, she reveals her true intention. That’s a really dangerous game…

Thanks to the spoilers, I can predict that Terra will be the new target, because she’s the only one who’s still out there, unsafe… We’ll see next time!

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