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Last Sunday’s 7th episode of ‘Dirty John’ was the first (and hopefully the last) that didn’t featured Juno’s character at all. Despite this, after the More tag, you can read my short review of it. Above the More tag, you can see screencaps from the previously published video interview:

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The first 7 minutes of this episode was the best of this series so far! Too bad it didn’t featured Juno at all…

The start is great. Awesome music, and I had lots of laughs, really enjoyed it. After John hooks up with Debra, we see everything that happened behind the scenes: some of the side characters we saw earlier were involved with the title character somehow – the „cold turkey” doctor and the „homeless” woman from Episode 2. He uses the cameras to spy on his wife, as it was expected, but I thought we’ll see this sooner. He’s also listening to her mobile calls, but how? And since we’re talking about phones, why is he able to use his device in the hospital? Isn’t it forbidden?

At the 26 minute mark, we’re back on track in the present. John already mentioned that he had „MS”, I didn’t payed much attention to that, but now it surfaced again and he had a limp because of it, so I’ve looked it up; it’s multiple sceloris. If he didn’t just made that up, that could be a partial reason why he became a drug addict… And then Debra ruins everything, not once, but twice! She’s basically working against herself, against her own lawyer and for the benefit of John, while she thinks she has good intention. If this happens because John conditioned her, he really has incredible talent in manipulation. If she does this on her own, then my impression from last time was false about her…

If I didn’t know what the ending will be, because of the interviews I’ve read, I’d be more excited. Now I just want to know what the makers’ intentions are with the main characters – what will be the big message, that they want us to get from ’Dirty John’?

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