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As I’ve promised yesterday, here is a magazine scan. It’s from a Hungarian monthly movie magazine, called VOX, translation of the text will be included after the pictures. As for the rest, here are the Juno-related instagram pictures we’ve collected in the last weeks!

Juno2.jpg dec132.jpg dec136.jpg

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So this little article was featured in the “this month’s stars’ upcoming projects” page. Under her name, the following comes:

The actress, who is featured in this month’s ‘Wonder Wheel’, will surely have a tightly packed 2018. One of the most unimportant projects of this will be ‘One Percent More Humid’, a drama, that has been shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s about two university students, who are childhood friends, and they reunite for the summer, but a trumatic event in their past interferes with their friendship. A much more interesting topic is the workaholic James Franco’s new direction, ‘Pretenders’, which is about a love triangle between a photographer, a director and an actress. Franco will also star in this movie, that has Brian Cox and Jane Levy beside him. Probably one of the film festivals’ audience will be the first who can see Steven Soderbergh’s first horror, ‘Unsane’, which the director recorded in it’s entirety with an iPhone’s camera. The story is set in an insane asylum, will feature actresses such as Claire Foy and Amy Irving, besides Temple.

In Development:

Juno Temple’s next work will probably be the independent movie ‘Abe’, which is about a guy, who has an imaginary friend, and very rarely leaves his home, but when he meets the woman of his dreams, he has to leave his pal behind, who lives only in his head.

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