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We hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas! As an after-holiday gift, we bring you new Juno Temple pictures! The first one is a throwback to 2015, it was made at the premiere of ‘Meadowland’. The second one is a tiny teaser from a televised interview, which is – as you could probably guess – about ‘Dirty John’. Last, but definetly not least, more high quality promotional photos from the aforementioned series! And, after the More tag, you can read two tiny interviews about Ms. Temple’s character, Veronica Newell.

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Three Reasons Why We Love „Dirty John’s” Juno Temple

Bravo’s ‘Dirty John’ is packed with dark, shudder-inducing moments. With good reason: The true-crime series, based on the 2017 podcast, chronicles the doomed romance between rich divorcée Debra and her dangerous con man suitor, John. And yet, whenever Juno Temple appears — playing the scene-stealing role of Debra’s eldest daughter, Veronica — we’re filled with delight. Here’s why:

  1. She’s a character.

Listeners of the podcast will recall this spitfire who tried to free her mom from John’s clutches. (In real life, her name is Jacquelyn, but it’s been changed to Veronica for TV.) Temple’s portrayal captures that, and then some: Veronica is Badass Barbie, designer-clad and ironclad. “My inspiration was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde,” the actress says. As for her alter ego’s spot-on Southern California “uptalk” dialect? It’s pretty impressive considering Temple hails from England. “The accent was a challenge!” she says.

  1. She doesn’t suffer sociopaths gladly.

In the fifth episode, John punishes Veronica for her meddling by causing trouble at the clinic where she works. “It’s frightening,” says Temple. “She realizes this man is going to ruin her family, and she isn’t putting up with it.” Her moxie may prove contagious. Continues Temple, “Veronica has more confidence than Juno does, but I think she bled into my bones!”

  1. She’s in it for the long haul.

Although Temple has acted in countless films over the past decade (‘Atonement’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Maleficent’), she’s not exactly a household name. Which is totally fine with her. “I want to just keep doing interesting work that challenges me,” she says. “Becoming an overnight sensation would be too much — my heart might stop!”

You can read the original article here.

Juno Temple Admits She Was ‘Shocked’ By How ‘Dirty John’ Ends: It Was Like A ‘Horror Movie’

[The spoilers have been removed from the text.]

In the drama series ‘Dirty John’, Juno Temple’s character is suspicious of her mom’s new man from the get-go. But, in real life, the actress says she was stunned by how the story ends.

Fans of Bravo’s true crime drama Dirty John will recognize Juno Temple immediately. The 29-year-old actress plays Debra Newell’s eldest daughter Veronica who – from the very beginning of the mini-series – was the only character to be suspicious of conman John Meehan. But, in real-life the British actress admits to that she was “shocked” by how the gripping story unfolds – even though it was a must-listen hit podcast in 2017.

“I actually got sent the first episode to read and wasn’t really told about the podcast – just that my girlfriends were really obsessed with it,” she tells us. “Once I read the script I completely… I didn’t move for six hours.” And, as fans of the show and the podcast, we totally understand why!

Veronica plays the real life character of Jacquelyn who becomes an amateur sleuth to uncover John’s dirty past. Juno reveals that she was stunned by the story’s end. [I was] shocked, like the rest of the world,” she tells. “Just kind of these weird, shattered dreams; It felt like this fairytale ending that got rewritten into a horror movie! We couldn’t believe it really happened and it does happen.”

Although Juno didn’t speak to the real “Veronica” while prepping for the part, she was immediately drawn to the character. “I thought she had humor. I thought she could bring a little bit of humor into this dark tale and that was something I was really excited by,” Juno says. “I haven’t done a huge amount of comedy really. She’s confident and fierce and I think very funny.”

As for the fabulous Connie Britton who plays her onscreen mom Debra, Juno says she loved working with the former ‘Nashville’ star. “It was just amazing. I’m such a huge Connie Britton fan. She’s so giving as an actress. She’s so nurturing as a woman. It was a real privilege to work onset with her every day.” As for Eric Bana, who plays John, Juno only did “two scenes” with him because her “character hates him so much.” If you watch the show you can understand why!

You can find the full article (beware the spoilers) here.

It’s interesting to know that she didn’t met Jacquelyn Newell, who probably wants to stay out of all this, and that she herself thinks about Veronica as a comical character.

Coming next: Episode 5’s screencaps, and a whole video interview!

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