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As promised, here are the high quality pictures from the ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ European Premiere, made on 09.10. in London. Sadly, it seems the server space has been exceeded, so only about 60% of the pictures have been uploaded.

038.jpg 048.jpg 041.jpg 021.jpg

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We’re trying to make the other 29 pictures available to you as fast as we can, so look for the announcement of the inevitable success!:) After the More tag, you can read a small review of the movie.

‘Maleficent 2’ is a long movie, almost 2 hours, but the story is surprisingly complex and interesting. The acting is superb, sadly Juno’s character Thistlewit is reduced to a background character, but one of her jokes about rice is among the best ones. The animation is great, the masks look nice, and overall it’s a good experience, maybe even better than the first episode. Also because of the 3D, there are lots of scenes, where nothing’s happening, there’s just the special effects going on to amaze you. The strongest theme is “make love, not war”, because the main conflict is the Princess’ and the Prince’s upcoming wedding, which turns the nations of fairies and humans against each other again, and some forces are secretly trying to start a war between them, using whatever means necessary. Some “hidden” messages are also included which I don’t like, but they aren’t that offensive, so I’m willing to look over them. The jokes sadly doesn’t really work most of the time, and the plot contains some holes (like if Maleficent doesn’t knew about her race before, how does she know about their burial place?), but all in all it was a much better experience than I anticipated!

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