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A small snippet from a long, but not very informative article:

(Juno Temple) stars in the Sky Atlantic drama which is inspired by Anaïs Nin’s posthumously published 1979 collection of erotic short stories. The show is set in 1955 in Tangier and combines stories of love and desire with personal drama and political intrigue.

The heady mix had a lasting effect on Juno, who told The Sun’s TV Mag: “The stories awoke a sort of sexual fire in me I didn’t know I had, so to have something come into your life that was a pretty monumental read at 17 was pretty cool. I made a lot of notes in the script where I wanted actual direct quotes from Little Birds and I got a couple of them in there which was really exciting. Little Birds was a very poignant book for me at 17. I thought it was very cool to be a part of a woman exploring erotica in a way that was very brave and new for the time. I think that it’s quite rare to have such a collection of inspirational and complex and difficult roles and characters within a show.”


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