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May 01, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on The First Offer & It’s Tiny Cousin   Gallery, Interview, Press Archive, Review, Site, The Offer, Video

Here’re the screencaps from the first episode of ‘The Offer’, followed by a 1 minute snippet from an interview with the director Dexter Fletcher, featuring Juno. After all of that, a little opinion about what I saw, in case you’re interested, click on the Read More button!

0611.jpg 1202.jpg 1768.jpg 1936.jpg 3164.jpg 2877.jpg 4471.jpg 5462.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Episode 1 Screencaps

Juno comes after more than 30 minutes, but this isn’t the only thing that makes the first 30 minutes boring. The music is good, the outfits are great, but you cannot recognize the famous people appearing by yourself, because none of them look like their real-life counterparts (for example I thought Robert Redford looked much more like Brad Pitt). This combines with the very uninteresting mobster, who’s voice is damned irritating and the perfect lead character, Al Ruddy (Miles Teller) who’s perfect at everything he does. Any thing he wants goes like this: “Hey, I want to do this.” “Cool, what’s your plan?” “This and that.” “That’s INCREDIBLE! You can do it right now!” He faces 0 hard challenges, because for everything that his genuis, charisma and wonderfulness can’t solve alone, he has Bettye (that’s Juno), and she knows everything worth knowing.

Juno performs really well, she looks good with this hairstyle, that’s between her natural curliness and the Keeley straight style; ’70’s clothes fit her like no other, and she’s like a little energy ball. Matthew Goode and Dan Fogler are my other favorites, they’re really entertaining, as expected. The Mario Puzo-sidestory is somewhat interesting, the mobster isn’t, and Al’s just too perfect to like. But despite all of this, Juno, Matthew and Dan are great, I laughed heartily at two jokes, I love the music and the era’s atmosphere, so my hopes are high. Plus the ending is a cool cliffhanger.

Expect the next episode’s screencaps and the review next week (hopefully:/)!

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