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Feb 25, 2024   JasonX   Comments Off on New Movies On The Horizon!   Crooks, News, Press Archive, Site

As all the old fans of Juno know, she’s essentially a movie actress, but the last 3 years brought fame to her as a series actress. Now, 2 more titles are added to Ms. Temple’s upcoming projects, and all of these are films, so (thankfully?) there’s no series on the horizon.

For many years, we have ‘Crooks’ as a developing project, but there’s no indication if anything has ever been done on it. Another title in a similar situation joins ‘Crooks’, this is ‘The Farmhouse’ – maybe it’s a working title. According to thecinemaholic.com, this project will start about a year from now, in the early months of 2025 in the UK and in Italy, but so far there’s no information about the plot or the genre. The director will be Emma Pierson, a fellow actress, who never tried herself on the other side of the camera before. This title is not featured on imdb, neither at Temple’s, nor Pierson’s page and no other attached actor/maker is known yet.

You can read The Cinemaholic article about it here.

The biographical ‘Everest’, which will feature Juno as the main character’s wife, is in pre-production phase, while the intensely covered ‘Venom 3’ is being filmed right now, but Ms. Temple’s role is still unannounced. A similarly widely reported new project entered our beloved’s filmography, this is the interestingly called ‘Good Luck, Have Fun, Don’t Die’. The sudden popularity of this title is rooted in the fact that it’s director will be Gore Verbinski, who brought us the first three ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’-movies, although, his last 2 movies were huge flops (‘The Lone Ranger’, ‘A Cure for Wellness’). According to deadline.com, ‘Good Luck…’ is about “a man from the future (…) who arrives at a diner in Los Angeles where he must recruit the precise combination of disgruntled patrons (…) to join him on a one-night-six-block quest to save the world from the terminal threat of a rogue artificial intelligence.” Sounds like ‘Terminator’, ain’t it? The movie will star Sam Rockwell in the lead role with Juno, Zazie Beetz, Haley Lu Richardson and Michael Pena as the aforementioned diner patrons. This could be good or not, we’ll see..

You can read the Deadline article here.

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