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Appearing on screen since she was 17, Juno Temple has celebrated a few firsts on set – especially on Vinyl, the HBO drama about a record executive desperately trying to keep his label afloat. Temple, now 26, plays Jamie Vine, an ambitious assistant who has her eyes set on a permanent A&R position and the sexy lead singer of the Nasty Bits played by James Jagger. (Yes, the son of The Rolling Stones lead singer and co-creator of Vinyl, Mick Jagger.)

Vinyl just so happens to be the starlet’s first series, following a string of notable film roles, including Atonement, The Dark Knight Rises, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and Black Mass. “I was pretty terrified about the idea of TV, if I’m being truly honest,” Temple tells ET ahead of the series’ finale, which airs on Sunday, April 17.

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“What if I want to do an independent film in Milwaukee or Australia? You’ve locked yourself down. It’s kind of a daunting thought,” Temple explains. Now that she’s survived the first season, however, she’s grown comfortable with the commitment, which she compares to a marriage, as well as the fear of wanting to philander with other projects.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that at 24, Temple had to audition for Martin Scorsese, a moment she considers “a day to remember.” Admittedly though, she doesn’t recall much. “I have to confess: I was so nervous,” Temple says. “I walked out and was like, ‘Oh my god.’”

One year later, Temple was filming with Scorsese, who told her on the morning of her 25th birthday that she had to get completely naked on set. “You’re doing a sex scene with Mick Jagger’s son, directed by Martin Scorsese,’” the English actress recalls. “That was a pretty memorable birthday.”

With nerves and commitment-phobia behind her, Temple’s even thinking about season two, which HBO announced ahead of the series’ debut. ”Getting the time as an actor to really play and get to know a character is pretty luxurious,” she says, “and I’m sure as hell as not done playing her.”

And what will that entail for Jamie? Likely more screen time with Jagger, who Temple spends the most time with on-screen.

As Jamie and Kip, the two have navigated mixing business with pleasure. In the penultimate episode, the couple has a threesome with Alex, a musician played by Val Emmich. Temple says the moment, a crossroads for the couple, was fun to film. “We had a right giggle doing it and then we definitely had a few drinks afterward,” she says.

Meanwhile, Jamie has gone so far as dubbing herself the “Queen of the Nasty Bits” but quite possibly has set herself up to be the Yoko Ono to Kip’s Beatles. “What a cool thing to be a part of, even though it’s a very f**ked up, complex one,” Temple says.

But as long as Jamie keeps climbing the ladder in the industry, Temple will stay happy. And committed.

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