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Juno Temple plays Jamie Vine in Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger’s TV venture Vinyl. The English actor who was nominated at the BAFTA for ‘BAFTA Rising Star Award’, plays the fierce A&R whose ambition drives her career in Rock and Roll era of 1970’s New York.

Here she talks about the show, Jamie Vine, and how it is to work with legends.


Q: Jamie’s an incredible character – what drew you to her?

Juno: She’s kickass. It was a great moment when I got the part, because I was getting ready to go to a Christmas party and I was faffing about in my living room in LA, and my agents all called me at once, which always means like either good news or bad news.

I said: I’m getting ready, I’m not going to be late, I promise. They were like: you booked the part. I literally had to collapse to the floor and have a momentary weep.

I remember reading the pilot and just thinking like: this is like my ultimate fantasy. I wish I’d been a young woman in the 1970s – what a time, musically, fashion wise, and with this huge move forward for women – birth control was legalized, abortion was legalized, sex became a whole new thing for women. Women were really starting to speak out, stating we are just as fabulous as men are, if not better.

And Jamie is the epitome of that.

As the show goes on you find out more about her, you see she is someone that is so passionate about music, and so passionate about being a woman and so passionate about being heard in such a male industry, and she’s going to do whatever it takes to have her voice heard.

It really is an honour to play her because she is one of those badass chicks that I think whatever decade you put her in she would inspire women around her.

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Clique para ver imagem em tamanho realJuno wears:
Striped shirt w. cuffs Ermanno Scervino — Satin briefs Eres

She’s only 26, but Juno Temple has been stealing scenes with her fiery energy for over a decade. Now, as one of the stars of HBO’s highly anticipated 70s rock and roll drama Vinyl, the British actress is set to make the leap from indie favorite to full blown superstardom, effortlessly charming the hell out of anyone she encounters on the way.

They say you ought to dress for the job you want, which is precisely what Juno Temple did when she auditioned for her role in Vinyl. Premiering this month, the HBO show, which counts Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger as executive producers, follows a music exec (Bobby Cannavale) as he hustles through the parties and punk rock scene of 70s New York. The British actress showed up to read for precocious A&R assistant Jamie Vine in high-waisted bell-bottoms and a t-shirt by Seditionaries, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s 70s clothing line. “It has Minnie and Mickey Mouse fucking on the front of it, with an anarchy symbol in one of his ears.”

Round two was with Scorsese himself, at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. This time, Temple rocked a crocheted, bell-sleeved mini dress with nude fishnets and platforms. Though she was “pretty fucking nervous,” she got a call ten days later, while prepping for the UTA Christmas party, saying she landed the part. “I was in nothing but my knickers in my living room, and I just sat down, weeping. I called and woke my whole family up at 3 o’clock in the morning.”

By now, her family is used to the ups and downs of showbiz. At 26, Temple has appeared in over 35 films, which range from indie favorites like Killer Joe to blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises. Not to mention that her mother, Amanda Temple, is a producer, and her father is legendary punk filmmaker, Julien.

Temple’s first face-to-face with Scorsese proved nerve-wracking, but meeting Jagger was all gravy. After all, she had already buddied up with his son, James, who plays the lead singer of the show’s punk band Nasty Bits.“Jimmy and the rest of the band nailed it. They exuded this mad, raw energy.”

The actress also returns to the big screen later this year, opposite Timothy Spall, in the unlikely buddy film Away. It’s set in the English town of Blackpool, which Temple describes as, “Vegas meets Coney Island meets Northern England. You see some pretty mad shit.” Take, for example, this spirited Spall fan attending a bachelorette party: “She was walking around with a huge red dildo, and she screams ‘Oi Tim! Sign my dildo!’”

Given their symbiotic fashion sense and mutual love of punk music, it seems Vinyl’s Jamie Vine was the part Temple was born to play. It’s also the role that will propel her from indie darling to full blown star. Whatever the future holds, Temple is game. “Jamie wants to live life, and I definitely feel that same hunger to experience things — to listen to people, learn from people and make music, even if you can’t play the fucking guitar.”

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Juno is on a new interview on Vanity Fair Italia from February 17th:

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“There’s a great E.E. Cummings quote that says, ‘The most wasted of all days is one without laughter,’” Juno Temple tells SPIN over the phone. “But I would like to add ‘and without music.’”
The 26-year-old British actress’ genuine love for melody is perhaps the best reason why she’s qualified to portray A&R assistant Jamie Vine on HBO’s recently debuted show Vinyl (Sundays at 9 p.m. EST), a period drama chronicling the oft-corrupt music industry in 1970s New York. Helmed by veteran Hollywood director Martin Scorsese and rock icon Mick Jagger, along with writer Rich Cohen and producer Terence Winter, the series follows record-label president Richie Finestra’s (Bobby Cannavale) quest to save his company from financial ruin. Jamie, meanwhile, mirrors her boss’ ruthless ambition and “golden ear” when she offers to manage a shabby proto-punk group called the Nasty Bits.

Temple, who has starred in films like Atonement (2005), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), and Horns (2013), doesn’t just star in Vinyl — she also collects it. She called us up to talk about her life in wax cylinders, getting an iPhone-ready gramophone from Scorsese, and the “euphoric” first time she heard Nirvana.

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Juno is featured on the latest issue of ID Magazine:

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Juno Temple was on The Late Late Show last on the 16th, and a small video has surfaced the web! You can also see the full episode here (region restricted).

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