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December 19, 2017   JasonX   Comments Off on Juno in Vanity Fair Italy Gallery, Interview, Press Archive

Vanity Fair’s Italian edition featured Juno in their 50th issue, released on December 20th. The pictures are really nice, the title translates to “See the Nudity” – probably referring to her frequent nude/seminude roles.    Magazine Scan  >  2017  >  Vanity Fair Italy

December 16, 2017   JasonX   Comments Off on More from the sbjct photoshoot! Gallery, Press Archive

(One of) 2017’s best photoshoot(s) was the great quality and totally free picture set from sbjct. The site has released the rest of the shoot this week, and we are proud to present them here as well!    Magazine Scan  >  2017  >  sbjct

December 15, 2017   JasonX   Comments Off on Juno deserves an Oscar nomination? We sure think so:) News, Press Archive, Wonder Wheel

This article has been tweeted to us. In it, the author assembled a list of 19 actors/actresses, whom they think deserve at least a nomination at the Academy Awards, but somehow the people in charge of this always ignore them at the right time. Among the 19, there is Juno, who came under the spotlight […]

December 13, 2017   JasonX   Comments Off on Magazine scan + Instagram pictures Abe, Gallery, One Percent More Humid, Press Archive, The Pretenders, Unsane

As I’ve promised yesterday, here is a magazine scan. It’s from a Hungarian monthly movie magazine, called VOX, translation of the text will be included after the pictures. As for the rest, here are the Juno-related instagram pictures we’ve collected in the last weeks!    Magazine Scan  >  2017  >  VOX Magazin Miscellaneous  >  Juno […]

December 12, 2017   JasonX   Comments Off on Contributor Magazine pictures Gallery, Press Archive

Here are the pictures from the recent edition of Contributor Magazine. As for magazines, I’ve found a little article about Juno in a local magazine, so keep an eye out for the upcoming scan of it!    Magazine Scan  >  2017  >  Contributor Magazine

November 27, 2017   JasonX   Comments Off on Juno on the cover of Contributor Magazine + pics Gallery, News, Out and About, Press Archive

The fresh issue of Contributor Magazine (which is about fashion) features Juno as the cover star! Also there are new additions to the Gallery, mostly Instagram pictures, but there is also a tiny set of two photos, taken of her on November 16th, in New York. (It’s a shame that the magazines which feature her […]