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Here are the high quality screencaps from the latest Juno-movie, ‘Palmer’:

012.jpg 029.jpg 050.jpg 060.jpg 075.jpg 083.jpg 106.jpg 128.jpg 138.jpg

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A little review will come soon!

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A lot of behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced from the recent mini-series ‘Little Birds’:

146927816_872504660205488_6597853808115080529_n.jpg 145141927_464954311557875_1695559660223950562_n.jpg 147320992_2840649026179019_8732106144839505027_n.jpg

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And also here’re two new photos from ‘Palmer’ – screencaps will come very soon!

02145032140_177223597074399_6981848880841921156_n.jpg Esl4F4KXIAM7uxu2.jpg

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‘Palmer’ is out now, the screencaps and the review will come soon, meanwhile here are some BTS-footage from various sources:

144310169_2804867143121830_4840542895553246050_n.jpg 143643213_176860983771275_8684195391777445226_n.jpg 143304653_817407882172497_840685802024749257_n.jpg

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Kinda late to the party. but here’s the first official trailer for the next Juno-movie, ‘Palmer’, where she plays alongside Justin Timberlake again (their first cooperation was in ‘Wonder Wheel’):

149.jpg 529.jpg 156.jpg

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Can’t say I’m excited for this movie, and not just because Juno’s screentime will be about 7-10 minutes at best… But I have to admit, that junkie, sort of undead look is really cool on her – at least it’s 100% sure now that she has changed her appearance so radically because of this project.

The movie will be out on January 29th on AppleTv+.

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Following ‘Wonder Wheel’, Juno and Justin Timberlake collaborated again on the movie called ‘Palmer’:

‘Palmer’, the latest feature from Oscar winner Fisher Stevens (The Cove). Starring Justin Timberlake, June Squibb and Juno Temple, Palmer is the story of a former college football star who returns to his hometown to get his life back on track, but finds himself suddenly parenting a unique young boy abandoned by his mother.


I have a bad feeling about this, but let’s hope I’m wrong. We’ll see soon!

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Happy New Year to all of our cool followers! 2019’s last day produced three fresh Juno-pictures, and these will be the first additions of 2020! (Technically one of them was made in this year.) So the first is another behind the scenes capture from the making of ‘Palmer’ (so far it doesn’t seem Ms. Temple will be an important character in it…), the middle one is her last public photo made in 2019, while the third is her first picture from 2020:

78938663_197315148065464_2326645203435065301_n.jpg 80803714_474449896604992_2942922879547052957_n.jpg 71761675_842078259581877_6112750454613652521_n_28129.jpg

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This year will bring on new movies like the aforementioned ‘Palmer’, the probably depressing but great ‘Lost Transmissions’, the exciting-looking ‘Crooks’ and the mini-series ‘Little Birds’. Maybe the mysterious short sci-fi ‘Tocsin’ will emerge from the darkness (she probably has a marginal role in it, like in ‘Henry’), and the elusive ‘Bastard’ will be found… So we have a lot to look forward to, I hope you’ll stay with us in this year, as you’ve followed us since our beginning!

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