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Without any real foreshadowing, a new short film, featuring Juno, appeared. According to a person called Ronnie James Hughes on Instagram, this little movie starts Juno and Garrett Hedlund (more information after the pictures). Out of these four pictures, the middle two are definetely from ‘Tocsin’ (anyone knows how to pronounce this?), the other two are from a mystery project from 2017. We have deducted they must be related to this movie. The world premiere will be at June 15th.

unknown_music_video_1-2.jpg 32096513_1835236943447994_6646926928143974400_n.jpg 33122551_182022742372973_6909916438627090432_n.jpg unknown_music_video_1.jpg

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Quote from the post:

a short film about a young musician (played by Garrett Hedlund), who travels to a remote island studio in search of inspiration. While attempting to overcome his creative block, he discovers a much darker secret hidden within the shallows….

Hughes works at the Cayman Islands, so this sounds like something really exotic and interesting! The speculative pictures could be from a music video, they are not confirmed to be related to this short film.


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