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Jul 21, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Premieres, Launches and Foreshadowing   Dress Like Juno, Gallery, Site, Ted Lasso

After ‘The Offer’, Juno was invited to the premiere of her costar Miles Teller’s newest movie ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ in May. Meanwhile, this Monday, a Special Screening of ‘Ted Lasso’ was held in Los Angeles, where she has sported her natural curliness again<3

  033.jpg 039.jpg 054.jpg 294172978_2340646699406932_1936451482026439545_n.jpg 294847181_202705755412582_6945926135195274780_n.jpg 294847181_202705755412582_6945926135195274780_nml.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > Top Gun: Maverick Premiere 05.19.

Public Appearances > 2022 > Ted Lasso Special Screening 07.18.

And where’s the foreshadowing, you ask? Here it comes: There’s 212 HQ photos from these two events and one more, waiting to be posted!

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