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Jul 21, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on Ted Lasso, Maverick & The Offer HQ Event Pics   Dress Like Juno, Gallery, Site, Ted Lasso

This is the last call for the 2022 International Juno Temple Day in Central European Time, but we’ve saved the best for the last: Exclusive, high res pictures from the last 4 events Juno attended!

014.jpg 020.jpg 057.jpg 054.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > Top Gun: Maverick Premiere 05.19.

001.jpg 004.jpg 009.jpg 287291347_565039978324397_6993226765896833914_n.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > Ted Lasso Emmy Event 06.12.

008.jpg 021.jpg 019.jpg 016.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > Paramount+ UK Launch Event 06.20.

005.jpg 021.jpg 075.jpg 078.jpg 103.jpg 113.jpg

Public Appearances > 2022 > Ted Lasso Special Screening 07.18.

Quick closing thoughts: I had real fun during this 14 hour marathon, I hope you’ll find the content satisfying too! Sadly, there was no time to post the videos, the interviews and my review of ‘The Offer’, but it will happen sooner or later!

Happy Birthday Juno!

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