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Jan 01, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on 2023 – What can we expect, Juno-wise?   Crooks, Mr. Corman, News, Site, Ted Lasso, The Most Hated Woman In America, The Offer, The Pretenders

’Crooks’ is still on her imdb-page, but that’s there for like 3 years now. This movie will probably never see the light of day, and even if it does, it won’t be good – remember ’Pretenders’? Anyway, there’s only a very small chance we’ll see it this year.

A much more interesting project is ’Everest’, which is based upon real-life events. It’s not only a movie, but also a drama, which is the original home base of Ms. Temple. Last year’s similar ’The Offer’ was good and this time she’ll be paired with Ewan McGregor. That and the historic setting means this film could be a good little period piece – unless it ends up like ’The Most Hated Woman in America’.

On a more suprising note, despite his failing with ’Mr. Corman’, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt tried it again and guided an animated series, ’Wolfboy and the Everything Factory’ to success in 2022. Unlike with ’Mr. Corman’, here he just gave some money and inspiration, and the series turned out to be pretty nice (there’s only 1 boring episode in the whole season). The story ended on a mystery and it will continue this year. Juno was the voice of the arch-nemesis of Wolfboy, appearing in only the very last episode, and while it’s a fact that there will be another season, it’s unclear if she gets the role back.

She got cast in the 5th season of ’Fargo’ as well. So far I have no idea about this series, and I didn’t like the movie back in the days, so I don’t expect it to be awesome, but I could be wrong. The fact that she’s now a fan-magnet in any series is good, but it’s obvious that her casting here has nothing to do with her dramatic past or great acting talent, it’s all to lure in the ’Ted Lasso’-crowd…

And last, we must count the third (and probably final) season of ’Ted Lasso’. The overblown success of this had really pushed Juno into the limelight and probably turned her into a series-actress forever. This is something that does not make me cheer, but at least people are considering her for roles everywhere now, and not just when they need someone who’s not shy about sex scenes. The only thing that keeps my faith in this is that there could be a Roy & Keeley spinoff – although it will probably never happen, but it would be awesome.

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