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Jul 21, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Luke Fontana Portraits + Emmy Magazine   Gallery, Press Archive, Site, Ted Lasso

This wonderful day is also the day when our 1000th Gallery subsection has been added! This particular 1000th includes these beautiful portraits of our birthday girl:

351595126_1410993543018648_1946828615050883610_n.jpg 352426970_790555779232705_2032796090761850692_n.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > 2023 > Luke Fontana

And the last bit of Lasso, a low-quality scan of this year’s Emmy Magazine:

FwdOFEgWYAQM-84.jpg FwdR6fZXgAY3N42.jpg

Magazine Scan > 2023 > Emmy Magazine

There’s still quite a bit of content left, I’m not sure if the day will be long enough to squeeze everything in it…

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