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Juno Temple Network

Added Black Mass screencaps! Tomorrow will add Vinyl Episode 1 screencaps. The first episode was MINDBLOWN! I advice everyone to see it 🙂 Fingers crossed there will be a season 2 😉

0_2667.jpg 0_5372.jpg 0_5434.jpg 0_5573.jpg 0_5600.jpg 0_5634.jpg

Films > (2015) Black Mass > Screencaps: BluRay

00011.jpg 00018.jpg 00049.jpg 00085.jpg

Films > (2015) Black Mass > Interview #1

First look of Juno Temple on Black Mass:

00079.jpg 00080.jpg 00081.jpg 00082.jpg

Films > (2015) Black Mass > Spot: Bye, Bye Blackbird