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This half hour long interview is a very nice insight into Juno’s career, she tells some of her most memorable moments from filming movies like ‘Magic Magic’, ‘Black Mass’, ‘Palmer’, ‘Killer Joe’ and of course, ‘Ted Lasso’. We recommend it to everyone who considers themselves to be a fan of hers!

Screencaps from this will come soon – my work kinda prevents me from doing anything Juno-related now, but next week, I’ll have more free time!

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Two previously existing pictures have been updated to be less offensively waterwarked; plus two new pictures have been added: A behind the scenes photo from the making of ‘Black Mass’ and a blurry find from Instagram, that has Juno with Eva Green, her ‘Cracks’ costar – it was probably made during a press event for said movie.

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Studio Photoshoots > 2013 > Session 021

Films > (2015) Black Mass > Featurette: On Set

Films > (2009) Cracks > Press Conference

One last, big refreshing awaits…

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Television > (2016) VINYL > Episode Stills > Episode 10

Television > (2016) VINYL > Episode Stills > Episode 9

Television > (2016) VINYL > Episode Stills > Episode 8

Television > (2016) VINYL > Episode Stills > Episode 1

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Television > (2016) VINYL > On Set

Films > (2015) Safelight / Truck Stop > On Set

Films > (2015) Len and Company > Behind The Scenes

Films > (2011) Little Birds > On Set

Films > (2012) The Brass Teapot > Stills

Films > (2015) Black Mass > Covers

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Added Black Mass screencaps! Tomorrow will add Vinyl Episode 1 screencaps. The first episode was MINDBLOWN! I advice everyone to see it 🙂 Fingers crossed there will be a season 2 😉

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Films > (2015) Black Mass > Screencaps: BluRay

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Films > (2015) Black Mass > Interview #1

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First look of Juno Temple on Black Mass:

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Films > (2015) Black Mass > Spot: Bye, Bye Blackbird

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