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Two pics have surfaced on a crew member’s Instagram about the filming of ‘Lost Transmissions’ recently:

115451463_281805549780819_5256732898193391484_n.jpg 116337330_577525949604063_314072248503436332_n.jpg

Films > (2019) Lost Transmissions > Behind the Scenes

Tomorrow: ‘Little Birds (Series)’ interviews!

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A new, never before seen, HQ-pic has been added to one of my favorite ever Juno-photoshoot-galleries:


Studio Photoshoots > 2011 > Session 004

Could you tell she was already 22 here?

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Two Instagram-pictures have been added to the Gallery, which depict two lucky gentleman, who have met Juno in real life:

2020109958368_285589152520766_3138126211287940897_n.jpg 2020110034806_162819021986663_1646516910421159260_n.jpg

Miscellaneous > With Fans

The uploading continues soon!

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Two pictures have been added to the ‘Little Birds (Series)’ Gallery section: The first one is a cool promo image of the two main female characters, the second is a small cutout from a video that’s yet to be released…

Little-Birds_2.jpeg EcUSPiwXkAAER_i.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Promotional Images

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Premiere Tv’s Virtual Q&A

More pictures coming soon!

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Happy 31st to the wonderful Juno Temple! 

As part of the celebration, here are the trailer screencaps from the upcoming AppleTv movie, ‘Ted Lasso’:

Ted_Lasso_--_Official_Trailer___Apple_TV2B_415.jpg Ted_Lasso_--_Official_Trailer___Apple_TV2B_330.jpg Ted_Lasso_--_Official_Trailer___Apple_TV2B_446.jpg

Films > (2020) Ted Lasso > Trailer Screencaps

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Out of the blue, here’s a new movie called ‘Ted Lasso’, that apparently features Juno in a very tiny role:

Interestingly enough, neither IMDb nor Wikipedia lists this film on Juno’s info-page, but ‘Crooks’, the one that’s nowhere near finish is still there. Maybe the pictures listed belonging to ‘Palmer’ are also from this – we’ll see very soon, ‘Ted Lasso’ premieres on 14th of August!

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