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Here’s another interview, this time it’s about ‘Palmer’. Juno mainly speaks about the experience of working with Ryder Allen and the fact that she had to change very quickly from the mindset of Keeley from ‘Ted Lasso’ to Shelley in ‘Palmer’:

(Love how her jewelry makes a nice cling-sound when she moves:)) I’ll try to add the screencaps from this video tomorrow!

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‘Ted Lasso’ got nominated in three categories at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and it won all of the trophies. Sadly, none of the nominations were for Juno, but she was with her co-star, Hannah Waddingham, who actually got Best Supporting Actress. These pics were made by/around Hannah, and she herself published them:

159167155_472062174161493_5217498469315422510_n.jpg 160165630_1060147481175390_3516950528850873933_n.jpg Ev8jRmKXcAA1gvB.jpg

Public Appearances > 2021 > Critics’ Choice Awards 03.07.

More stuff will come on Friday!

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As promised in the previous post, here’re the screencaps from the first interview – subject: ‘Ted Lasso’. Now, the video alternates between showing the host and not showing him; so when he was visible Juno was much less visible. That’s why after pic 042, the pictures shrink. For the benefit of phone users, I guess:P

003.jpg 027.jpg 038.jpg 057.jpg 068.jpg 085.jpg 093.jpg 100.jpg 103.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > WXYZ Interview

More stuff will come on Friday!

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In this short interview, Juno and her co-star of ‘Ted Lasso’, Hannah Waddingham, share some memories about the making of the series and the recent awards ceremony (where Juno didn’t even get a nomination, despite the popularity of her character):

Love her room and her looks, she’s as pretty as she used to be again! Screencaps will come tomorrow!

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Since ‘Ted Lasso’ has ended, there’s basically a livestream with the cast every week. Here are some little cutouts that we’ve seen on various social media:

136415687_443849393324755_7400741567950589658_n.jpg 135544843_783516599187321_9062599897073413845_n.jpg 137252797_1048352075678358_2574221590057922060_n.jpg 135785552_150769933305007_2123620496845246761_n.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Tiny Screencaps

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Here’s the picture that Juno posted on Instagram, celebrating the New Year:


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