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Some nice behind the scenes photos have surfaced on Instagram, made by the staff working on ‘Little Birds (Series)’:

117269812_589514681735556_42243465592656986_n.jpg 116918497_289017615704863_3615420031399183679_n.jpg 116911041_292815575472572_8698724958761919365_n.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Behind the Scenes

An HD copy of the series have arrived at our headquarters, so screencaps and possible reviews of each episodes will come very soon!

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A small excerpt from a bigger interview, where Juno tells us how she got cast as Lucy, the main character in ‘Little Birds (the series)’ + a new promo image:


Television > (2020) Little Birds > Promotional Images

“I auditioned for it about two years before we shot, actually. I did a self tape and gave it my all. I had to do one of the scenes, a scene where I’ve just gotten a gold dress (…) and I come out and I’m like, ‘Oh goodness I’m not sure I can wear this because it’s see-through’. I actually have this great vintage 1970’s see-through gown that I put on in the tape, thinking I’d be forward thinking, risque or whatever. It worked well, I guess!”

‘The other two scenes were no longer in the script when I actually did a second screen test (…). Lucy changed a lot actually. She developed, I thought, into a slightly more, grown up version of what was initially there on the page. So one of scenes I had to audition for was a screaming fight with Hugo at a country club in Tangier, while we were playing tennis. It was fun to audition for it but I was happy it didn’t actually end up in the final scripts.” 

“But I got to test with Stacie (Passon, the director), she flew out to LA and workshopped three different scenes with me. She told me she really wanted me, and she wanted to convince Sky that I could play Lucy and carry the audience into this beautiful world of extraordinary misfits through her eyes, so that was pretty cool.”

“They wanted Lucy cast first, and then I had a scheduling conflict, so they actually pushed for a little bit, which is amazing. I have not had that happen. It happens very rarely. It ended up being all in all about two years from the first audition to actually being on set and breathing life into her.”


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‘Little Birds (Series)’ premieres tomorrow! As preparation for this big event, we’ve released an exclusive, very detailed package:

  • the press pack made for journalists about the series (many thanks to @EastieOaks at Twitter)
  • an interview, made by The Guardian
  • two new promo photos

Check them out here:

Press pack (warning, contains spoilers!)

5205.jpg 1000.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Promotional Images

And the interview comes after the “More” tag!

Read More

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Eight new promotional images has been uploaded to the ‘Little Birds (the series)’ Gallery:

little_birds_31_2.jpg little_birds_31_8.jpg little_birds_31_3.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Promotional Images

Only 2 more days until the premiere!

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Two pics have surfaced on a crew member’s Instagram about the filming of ‘Lost Transmissions’ recently:

115451463_281805549780819_5256732898193391484_n.jpg 116337330_577525949604063_314072248503436332_n.jpg

Films > (2019) Lost Transmissions > Behind the Scenes

Tomorrow: ‘Little Birds (Series)’ interviews!

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A new, never before seen, HQ-pic has been added to one of my favorite ever Juno-photoshoot-galleries:


Studio Photoshoots > 2011 > Session 004

Could you tell she was already 22 here?

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