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March 17, 2024   JasonX   Comments Off on Fargo Farewell Package + Armchair Expert Podcast Pics + January 17th Photos Dress Like Juno, Fargo, Gallery, Interview, Out and About, Press Archive, Site

This time, three smaller batches of pictures are added to the site, because their relevancy is fading quickly, and they can’t be called exactly fresh – all are about 2 months old now… But we hope you’ll still find them interesting! First, here’re all the pictures that have been published on Instagram in relation to […]

August 12, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Fans and Fargo Fargo, Gallery, Out and About, Site

This is the first confirmed picture that has Juno on and is related to the upcoming 5th Season of ‘Fargo’, although it was made at the wrap party: By clicking this link, you can see the other photo, that’s not confirmed, but we strongly suspect it was made at location, during filming of the aforementioned […]

August 5, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Old Timey Pics Gallery, Killer Joe, Out and About, Site

The first two were made on the set of ‘Killer Joe’, while the third was made by another actress, but it’s not related to any project: Films > (2012) Killer Joe > On Set Miscellaneous > Others

July 8, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Juno’s Back in London Gallery, Out and About, Site

She was spotted recently at the music festival in Crystal Palace Park at London: Miscellaneous > With Fans The second pic is really funny, because the guy who made it obviously wanted to take a shot of the two people in the foreground, but Juno and her dad, Julien Temple, just happened to be in the background:D

November 5, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on A Tale of Two Screencaps Dress Like Juno, Gallery, Out and About, Site, Ted Lasso

In this post, we publish screencaps from videos made months earlier, the first is a small live interview about (guess what?) ‘Ted Lasso’; followed by a paparazzi-film, which follows Juno through the LAX, Los Angeles’ main airport: Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Interviews > Juno Live Those blue boots are awesome, aren’t they?:O Out & About > 2022 > July 17: Arriving at LAX […]

September 7, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on 1 Interview + 2 Fan Encounters Dress Like Juno, Gallery, Out and About, Site, The Offer

Another batch of screencaps arrived from the four published interviews regarding ‘The Offer’, including my new favorite reaction face:D Also, the other two pics are fan-made photos from Twitter and Instagram: Television > (2022) The Offer > Interviews > Interview featuring Miles Teller, Matthew Goode & Dan Fogler Out & About > 2022 > August 23 (around): Spotted in LA Miscellaneous > With Fans