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Juno has a little role in ‘Ted Lasso’, but so far she’s the best thing in it:

099.jpg 461.jpg 410.jpg 575.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Episode 1 Screencaps

Tomorrow: More ‘Little Birds (Series)’!

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Here are the screencaps from Episode 4 of ‘Little Birds (Series)’ – when things start to get weird:

0084.jpg 2131.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Episode 4 Screencaps

‘Ted Lasso’ starts today, more on that tomorrow!

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The new British series ‘Ted Lasso’ will start tomorrow, Juno plays a small recurring role in it. Here are the promotional images, the first one is the official photo of her character from the trailer, the second is a picture taken in the UK about a poster on the street:

117288605_191924095613492_7377626257287979512_n.jpg 117335010_222134145807738_6225253932323999513_n.jpg

Television > (2020) Ted Lasso > Promotional Images

Meanwhile, we continue our ‘Little Birds (Series)’ screencaps + interviews, ‘Ted Lasso’ material will be added soon as well!

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Here are the HQ screencaps from Episode 3 of ‘Little Birds (Series)’:

0124.jpg 0752.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Episode 3 Screencaps

More ‘Little Birds (Series)’ soon + ‘Ted Lasso’ starts on Friday!

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Another interview, accompanied by 2 new promotional images about ‘Little Birds (Series)’:

08081.jpg 08082.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Promotional Images

The interview starts after the More tag!

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Here are the HD screens featuring Juno from the second episode of ‘Little Birds (Series)’:

0195.jpg 0673.jpg 1512.jpg 2205.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Episode 2 Screencaps

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