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Three pictures have been uploaded to the Gallery, the first was made in 2014, at the ‘Horns’ UK Premiere event, where Ms. Temple was signing autographs. The second was in 2019, at the premiere of ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’, where a lucky fangirl made this lovely pic. The last also comes from 2019, and it’s a black-and-white portrait taken at the ‘Lost Transmissions’ premiere in New York. Following the pictures is a special interview, where Juno was not the one who answers, but the one who asks the questions! She has interviewed her former ‘Vinyl’ costar Jack Quaid for interviewmagazine.com, and their conversation holds some great pieces of information regarding the interviewer – be sure to check it out after the Read More tag!

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Public Appearances > 2014 > “Horns” UK Premiere, 20-10-2014

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Public Appearances > 2019 > ‘Lost Transmissions’ Premiere 04.28. New York

(…) I’m obsessed with ‘Scream’. I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a crazy horror movie fan. I think ‘Scream’ is genius (…)

(…) When we were shooting in the UK for season two of ‘Ted Lasso’, a lot of the cast live in their homes in London, so you would shoot during the day and then you’d go home and you’d be quite isolated at night.

(…) when a script comes my way, sometimes I’ll start reading it and I’m like, “I just know that there’s somebody out there that will do this better than me.” I always want to have something that I know I can give to the role, something that I’m gonna leave behind that will be a positive thing for that character. Or something that I, as Juno, can take away that will make me become a more interesting, more fulfilled, interested person.

(…) I have a thing where I buy perfume for each character I play. I think scent is really important for how a person walks into a room. Also, I buy a pair of knickers for every new character I play and I wear them on my first day. Or sometimes I have a thing where, if I’m really freaked out by a scene or dialogue, I’ll sleep with the pages of the lines that I have to know under my pillow the night before. I’ve convinced myself that the information will seep through my pillow at night.

(…) Also, a big thing for me is how, as humans, we kind of know when it’s appropriate to fill up space in a room and when not to take up so much space. I think about when my character is supposed to be filling up the space in a scene, and when they’re supposed to be taking up as little space as possible. (…) I definitely have a song that goes with each character that I’ve played. I like to listen to songs on repeat, so I can get away with that. And ultimately, wardrobe and hair and makeup are such a big part of the process, too.


QUAID: Do you find that your personal wardrobe is influenced by the characters that you play? Because that happens to me all of the time.

TEMPLE: Yeah, but also, quite often, a lot of my personal wardrobe has been used for my characters.

QUAID: That’s amazing.

TEMPLE: I’m such a vintage hoarder. I’ve got lots of clothes that remind me of playing different characters.

QUAID: Did you keep any wardrobe from ‘Vinyl’?

TEMPLE: A lot of it. Actually, I’ve reused a couple of pieces in the show that I’m doing right now (‘The Offer’), because I’m back in the ’70s.

QUAID: Oh, hell yeah! I was so happy to get to know you while doing ‘Vinyl’.

TEMPLE: I agree! It was so wild that we were together on the day that we found out it was cancelled. It was like, “What the fuck just happened?” That was so devastating.

QUAID: I remember that day vividly. I was in my car on my way to a doctor’s appointment, and in the cast text thread all of a sudden one of the actors just wrote “NOOO” in all caps and I was like, “Oh no.” I googled our show, found out that way, went to the doctor’s appointment, then went straight to your place and we just had a little funeral for the show.

TEMPLE: Day drinking and mourning the death of a really awesome experience. That was a bummer. But it’s been so amazing to watch your career go off. You’ve made such brilliant choices.

QUAID: Thank you! And so have you.


QUAID: (…) I assume you want to direct? I don’t know why I assume that, but I do.

TEMPLE: Well, at the moment I would say no, because right now I prefer to be in the dream world that is being projected by the director. But I am very interested in making notes on scripts with my character and asking the director to take some of my changes seriously. And that has been quite thrilling. As you get older and trust your life experience, you allow yourself to be a little braver with giving your insight and thoughts. But writing, personally, I wouldn’t know how to do that. I still write emo poetry rather than an actual script.

QUAID: I would love to see an entire movie full of your emo poetry.

TEMPLE: Just me reading my own emo poetry in different characters. [Laughs] People would run for the hills.


QUAID: I wanna be in a Western so bad.

TEMPLE: Me too! It’s one of my biggest fantasies. Let’s find a Western to do together!


QUAID: (…)Do you have any dream directors? Or actors that are your heroes?

TEMPLE: I would really love to work with Tarantino. And the director who did ‘Take Shelter’, Jeff Nichols.

QUAID: I haven’t seen ‘Take Shelter’ yet but I love Michael Shannon.

TEMPLE: So do I, he’s one of the actors I’d love to work with. And Amy Adams is a huge hero of mine. Also director-wise, Sean Baker is another one I’d love to work with. ‘The Florida Project’ was, to me, one of the best films of the last 10 years.

QUAID: Let’s put all of that into the universe for you too, Juno. You would nail a Tarantino performance.

TEMPLE: I would die. The combination of the magical realism and the acting that he gets from people…

QUAID: I’m a sucker for magical realism.

TEMPLE: Me too. And I don’t know if you saw ‘Queen and Slim’, directed by Melina Matsoukas, but it’s just beautiful. There are so many people that would be incredible to work with. That’s what’s so exciting about what’s going on right now.


TEMPLE: It’s also an exciting time because there’s so much TV happening. It’s an interesting experience being part of the TV world because people watch you in their living rooms so they feel very close to your character. I haven’t made a movie in a hot second, and I do miss it. Not that I’m not grateful for every minute of being part of TV, but there’s something about a movie where you have a beginning, middle, and end—a little life that you get to portray. TV is exciting in a different way. Every time a season ends, you still don’t know what will happen, or maybe there will be no resolution, because it won’t continue. There’s an unknown-ness.

QUAID: There are pros and cons to both. By the way, I was at a Halloween party and I saw not one but two people dressed as you from ‘Ted Lasso’. I was like, “There are two Junos up in here!”

TEMPLE: [Laughs] I love that!

QUAID: And they both had an accompanying Roy Kent, which was incredible.


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