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July 28, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Museum of Junos Dress Like Juno, Far from the Madding Crowd, Fargo, Site

This week, we provide pictures of ancient, pictures of old and pictures of recent. Last week on Juno’s birthday, we’ve published a lovely deleted scene from the movie ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’, today here’re the screencaps from it: Films > (2015) Far from the Madding Crowd > Deleted Scene Her adorableness-level is off the charts here, it’s a […]

July 21, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Far from the Madding Crowd deleted scene Far from the Madding Crowd, Site, Video

This was posted by Tom Sturridge Films on Twitter (@tsturridgefilms), a rare gem from the past:

July 21, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Luke Fontana Portraits + Emmy Magazine Gallery, Press Archive, Site, Ted Lasso

This wonderful day is also the day when our 1000th Gallery subsection has been added! This particular 1000th includes these beautiful portraits of our birthday girl: Studio Photoshoots > 2023 > Luke Fontana And the last bit of Lasso, a low-quality scan of this year’s Emmy Magazine: Magazine Scan > 2023 > Emmy Magazine There’s still quite a bit of content left, I’m […]

July 21, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on A Small Offer Gallery, Site, The Offer

These behind-the-scenes pictures have surfaced on social media, regarding Juno’s recent, critically acclaimed, but otherwise underrated mini-series, ‘The Offer’:   Television > (2022) The Offer > Behind the Scenes

July 21, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Happy Birthday, Juno! Gallery, Interview, Press Archive, Site

It’s the International Juno Temple Day! Celebrate with us here and on Twitter (@junotemple_us), and in case you haven’t followed us yet on Instagram, we have a presence there too: https://www.instagram.com/junotemplenetwork/ Let’s start the big day with our incredibly expensive special effects: Miscellaneous > Others What you can see here wasn’t made with AI, PhotoShop or Paint, […]

July 8, 2023   JasonX   Comments Off on Juno’s Back in London Gallery, Out and About, Site

She was spotted recently at the music festival in Crystal Palace Park at London: Miscellaneous > With Fans The second pic is really funny, because the guy who made it obviously wanted to take a shot of the two people in the foreground, but Juno and her dad, Julien Temple, just happened to be in the background:D