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Sep 22, 2022   JasonX   Comments Off on An Offer, Some Fans & A Newscrumb   Dress Like Juno, Gallery, News, Site, Ted Lasso

The last of the four published interviews have been processed, 157 screencaps have been added to the Gallery, but wait, there’s more under the pics!

014.jpg 016.jpg 065.jpg 083.jpg 109.jpg 102.jpg 143.jpg 157.jpg

Television > (2022) The Offer > Interviews > The Offer She Couldn’t Refuse

Here’re 3 new fan-encounter-proofs and a bit of news after them:

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Miscellaneous > With Fans

The upcoming final (?) season of ‘Ted Lasso’ is delayed, but probably comes later this year; meanwhile, the newest bit of news is that ‘Wolfboy and The Everything Factory’ will have a second season – hopefully they’ll invite Juno back to voice the arch villain again!

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