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Here are the screencaps from Episode 4 of ‘Little Birds (Series)’ – when things start to get weird:

0084.jpg 2131.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Episode 4 Screencaps

‘Ted Lasso’ starts today, more on that tomorrow!

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The new British series ‘Ted Lasso’ will start tomorrow, Juno plays a small recurring role in it. Here are the promotional images, the first one is the official photo of her character from the trailer, the second is a picture taken in the UK about a poster on the street:

117288605_191924095613492_7377626257287979512_n.jpg 117335010_222134145807738_6225253932323999513_n.jpg

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Meanwhile, we continue our ‘Little Birds (Series)’ screencaps + interviews, ‘Ted Lasso’ material will be added soon as well!

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Here are the HQ screencaps from Episode 3 of ‘Little Birds (Series)’:

0124.jpg 0752.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Episode 3 Screencaps

More ‘Little Birds (Series)’ soon + ‘Ted Lasso’ starts on Friday!

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Another interview, accompanied by 2 new promotional images about ‘Little Birds (Series)’:

08081.jpg 08082.jpg

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The interview starts after the More tag!

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Here are the HD screens featuring Juno from the second episode of ‘Little Birds (Series)’:

0195.jpg 0673.jpg 1512.jpg 2205.jpg

Television > (2020) Little Birds > Episode 2 Screencaps

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Here we have an interview, where (instead of the sexual content) the makers concentrate on the really nice costumes of ‘Little Birds (Series)’:

The incredible fashion is just one of the many highlights of the much-anticipated Sky Atlantic show, but the actress who plays the lead role Lucy Savage has revealed she had to suffer for her art. Juno Temple’s character Lucy finds herself on a journey of self discovery after moving from New York to Tangier, and it’s not just her attitude and tastes that change – so does her wardrobe.  Speaking about the wonderful costumes, many of which were replicas copied from original pieces of the time, Juno said:

“In one scene I am in an original piece that had not been altered and if I slouched, I got stabbed by a piece of boning, but I do think that was actually great to my character. (…) I had a lot of fun with the costumes because I’m not gonna lie, a lot of them were not very comfortable.

The subtlety of the changing costumes were an integral part of Lucy’s transformation, with Juno revealing that “as the show progresses, Lucy starts to wear slighting bigger hoop earrings. I think little details like that just felt like a little bit of freedom so that when she sees her dad later in the show she can turn around and be like I don’t know you.”


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